South Africa

An ongoing plea for good neighbourliness from the Linden police

Linden police are echoing their appeal for good neighbourliness which they pleaded for at the end of last year.

This comes after several incidents were reported at the station where an individual who lived on their own had passed away in their house or apartment without anybody knowing about it.

Linden police spokesperson Constable Takalani Matumba said, “Sometimes, a person can be sick without knowing it, so they are unable to inform their friends or neighbours. When worst comes to worst, they may have passed away without anyone knowing about it for days or weeks on end.”

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Matumba added that incidents such as these, as well as incidents of kidnapping or missing persons, could be alleviated by getting to know your neighbours better.

“If a person gets to know their neighbours, and encourages good security practices, it will be easier for the neighbours to tell if the person has not been seen for an extended period.”

Last year, Matumba informed Randburg Sun that getting to know your neighbours and helping each other out could help increase safety and crime awareness.

Responding to ongoing house robbery trends in the Linden area and how residents could stay safe she said, “Ask one or all of your neighbours if they would be happy to talk about how you can work together to keep your families and your homes safe. A good start is to exchange contact numbers so that you can contact and alert each other in times of need.”