South Africa

Creche horror: Father concerned about son who was ‘kicked by teacher’

A father of a two-year-old boy who was shown in a video being kicked allegedly by his teacher at a creche in Phoenix, north of Durban says he is concerned about the child’s emotional and mental well-being.

The SABC reported that since the video went viral on social media, more parents have come forward to allege that their children had been physically abused at the facility.

“I noticed his nose was swollen. It was bruised and it was cut inside and out. I asked the teacher what happened to his face? She said that he [the baby boy] scratched himself. So I asked what happened to his forehead? She said she doesn’t know. I said I’m not happy and would like to view the footage. The injuries don’t tally with what you telling me.”

“So when I viewed it [the footage], I noticed that he was kicked. She was waving her leg underneath his legs and buttocks and she was kicking him forward and pulling him backwards towards her. She kicked him and he hit his forehead first,” said the father according to SABC news.


KwaZulu-Natal Social Development spokesperson Mhlaba Memela told the national broadcaster that social workers have been sent out to the creche.

“They visited the school and viewed the entire video which made them come to a conclusion that it seems as if the video was actually edited and not to show the entire incident. It appears as if the teacher was actually rocking. The children were playing when the child fell on his forehead. It seems as if there’s no real evidence that talks to the abuse,” said Memela.

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In 2020, Nelly Senwametsi (42) Nelly Senwametsi, who worked at Ninnie’s Neuron nursery school was sentenced to 5 years behind bars by the Oberholzer Magistrates’ Court.

Senwametsi had been convicted on two counts of assault and one count of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

This after several videos went viral in April 2019 showing a childminder beating and slapping children, provoking public outrage and anger on social media – which led to the closure of the daycare by the government.

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