South Africa

MAKHUDU SEFARA | If De Ruyter was black he would’ve been on his way out

So, Eskom CEO André de Ruyter hasn’t a clue how to eliminate load-shedding using resources already at his disposal. Why, then, is he still CEO?

Not long ago, De Ruyter told the nation, less than two months into his job, that we have only 18 more months to endure load-shedding. A month later, Covid-19 struck and the government imposed lockdown. This put screeching brakes on the economy, drastically reducing electricity demand. An overeager De Ruyter further told the nation: “We’ve taken down double the amount of megawatts in order to do short-term maintenance and I think we will emerge from this lockdown a stronger and more reliable power utility.” And so a nation almost on its knees hoped this messianic new broom at Eskom would end load-shedding sooner than previously announced...

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