Ntsiki Mazwai says Nomzamo Mbatha’s roast of her was personal

Ntsiki Mazwai. Image: Instagram

Mazwai revealed the ‘real’ reason behind the roast, posting a live video on her Twitter account of the ‘scoop’.

A recycled video showing actress Nomzamo Mbatha roasting Ntsiki Mazwai during Somizi Mhlongo’s roast in 2018 created a hot debate on Twitter on Tuesday.

Mazwai wasn’t happy that some Twitters users were finding joy in Mbatha roasts of her: “Remember how she fell into a depression after this and to this day is still trying to recover her image… She went from golden girl to hated in one quick night. Destroyed her brand more than me… remember?”

Mazwai is known for her no-holds-barred views on Twitter, but her reaction took some users by surprise. They have seen the poet dish it out to some celebs and they wondered why she couldn’t it take the heat herself, especially during a roast.

Mazwai then revealed the ‘real’ reason behind the roast, posting a live video of the ‘scoop’.

She said: “That roast was definitely personally. Nomzamo’s manager is my former manager and it didn’t end on a polite note. In my opinion, she’s very evil and needs psychological help.”

She further alleged that the manager used Mbatha to fight her battle for her.

“This is the situation where there is an evil person behind the scenes. Nomzamo Mbatha was just a little girl who got caught up in the web and beef between people and then she was used.”

Mazwai also said there was a lot of trust issues in the entertainment industry and sharing your personal information was a big no-no.

She then also accused Mbatha of being ‘weird’ during the roast and didn’t understand why there was so much anger and hate placed towards her, accusing Mbatha of trying to ‘snatch’ her man.

Watch the full video below:

(Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele)

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