South Africa

STREET DOGS: Only global collaboration can stop pandemic

We need to have a strong World Health Organization, a strong UN, a strong global alliance for vaccines and immunisation (Gavi), a strong Global Fund, and all these different organelles that make it possible for us to deal with global threats. I would extend it a little bit out of my lane to say we need desperately to deal with climate change, nuclear proliferation, drought and famine. But in the area that I know, we can’t stop a pandemic without having global collaboration.

We have failed to learn the lessons of Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand, Iceland — the countries that have done really well — because we don’t have a strong way to take the best lessons from the success stories in dealing with this pandemic and globalising them. This is because we deal with disinformation, and because we hold up the Swedish example even though it wasn’t a good example of how to deal with the pandemic, and because we don’t have a love of science in the leadership of the world,...

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