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Tshwane residents divided about another coalition govt

JOHANNESBURG - Tshwane residents are divided on whether the coalition arrangement that governed the city for the past five years amid conflicts in council is a viable governance method.

The metro, which was after the 2016 local government elections being led by a Democratic Alliance-Economic Freedom Fighters coalition that later fell apart, was in limbo for eight months after councillors clashed over appointments of senior leaders among other issues.

The municipality has had three mayors in the past five years.

Many residents have raised concerns about the service delivery challenges that came about when the hung council failed to meet and decide on important functions such as passing the capital city’s budget.

One man said the politicians were too busy with internal council squabbles: “Government used to be from the people, by the people. That was the concept of government. Now, it seems like it’s from the politicians for the politicians.”

However, others believe it is the only way that political parties can be kept on their toes.

Resident Nina Nandi (31) thinks the coalition is the way to go: “If it’s just one party, then they will be greedy. But I think if people come together with one goal to make a better city and better country is much better than one party.”

Tshwane is among three other hotly contested metros in the country.

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