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WATCH: Solly Msimanga beat up for allegedly owing someone R1.4m

Pretoria - Former Tshwane DA Mayor Solly Msimanga, also MPL, got into trouble with an unknown man, who beat him up for allegedly owing him R1.4 million.

The incident took place inside an unspecified factory in Ekurhuleni.

The altercation was filmed on camera and its video clip went viral on social media.

In the video, Msimanga could be seen speaking on the phone with his mouth bleeding.

In the background, there is a voice of man, who could be heard accusing Msimanga of being a thief and corrupt.

"You are a thief. You owe me money and I want it. You f***g thief," he shouted.

The accuser then mentioned that Msimanga owed him R1.4 million and he wanted it back.

The man didn't explain what was that money for.

"Do you think I am dumb? You can't push me and beat me around and think I won't hit you back," the unidentified man said.

Contacted for comment Msimanga claimed he was at a certain police station in Ekurhuleni, where he was contemplating pressing charges against his assailant.

He didn't know the name of the police station.

"I got attacked an hour ago by somebody who claimed that my family owes him money," he said.

He claimed the man had begged him not to lay charges against him in exchange for footing his medical bills.

Msimanga said he was in Ekurhuleni in Benoni to visit one of his cousins in the area.

He claimed that he didn't do business with the man he identified as Mangena.

"This is somebody who is doing business with a family member of mine. My cousin has a shop. I have seen the guy before but I don't know him," he said.

He said he didn't know where the amount of R1.4 million came from.

"I am considering whether I want to press charges against him or that he must publicly apologise for beating me.

Msimanga said the man was arrested after he called the police.

The police told Msimanga not to turn the squabble into a political storm, saying "the police are not for the DA. They are for us citizens of this country."

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