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People may lose confidence in the fight against corruption-Catholic Priest

Chingola Catholic Priest Rev. Fr. Martin Chama Bwalya has said people may lose confidence in the fight against corruption owing to arrests that are not leading to convictions.

Some stakeholders have questioned the crusade against corruption amid acquittals of some suspects.

Activist and musician Pilato this week said: “The fight against corruption that does not lead to convictions is nothing but a mockery to the people of Zambia.”

Pilato’s written comment came in the wake of the Constitutional Court’s ruling that stopped all criminal prosecution proceedings involving former Konkola Copper Mines provisional liquidator Milingo Lungu.

In his recent sermon during Mass at Kapisha Catholic Church in Chingola, Fr. Bwalya wondered if law enforcement agencies know what they are doing by making arrests that are not going anywhere.

Fr. Bwalya, the Parish Priest of Resurrection Catholic Church, observed that law enforcement agencies are rushing to make arrests before concretising cases.

He further preached on the amicable resolution of disputes in families, churches and the nation at large.

“Acts that come from our hearts will make us good sons and daughters of God. Therefore, we ask that we pray without ceasing as we see a lot of cases in our country. Mulemona ukutila umuntu baikata mailo bamulekeko. Bapoka ifi lelo, mailo bamubwesesha (today they seize someone’s’ property tomorrow they are given back). Nomba abantu limo baletwishika ukutila bushe aba bantu nabeshiba eco balechita (Now people are asking if these people know what they are doing). Bushe professionalism epo ili? Ukutila ati umulandu tamulausanga mwaikata umuntu, pantu ebupilibulo bwalaisa mukulekelesha tefyo? Mwaikata umuntu mailo mwamulekako, nefipe mwamubwesesha. Nomba abantu kwipusha ati ninishi mwachimwikatila? What is the reason? What is in our courts? Ii court yapingula ifi, ii yapingula ici. Ifyapusana pusana. Nomba ninshi twalalola kwi? Confidence. Abantu balalusa confidence,” Fr. Bwalya preached.

He further highlighted the importance of basing conflict resolution on the word of God.

“My parent’s disputes arise in our families, places of work and Churches. Today we are being shown ways of settling disputes peacefully. Sometimes we need to listen to one another. Let us give chance to hear from each other. When you have disputes give each other time. Be silent. Mothers and father learn to listen to God to be good leaders even in homes. When Peter and James are faced with a dispute they remembered how God walked with them and His wisdom. This helped them to settle the debate. We have been told that God looks at our hearts. Our sincerity and goodness should start from our hearts. It is not about traditions of who has been circumcised or not or who are the chosen ones,” he said.

He added:”So tulelomba ukusalika pa maka nalimo mumafunde yonse ayapangwa Constitution foundation ni Bible. All the laws that we have made Bible are the basis. If the word of God is the centre for bringing the common good then we will find what we seek and our leadership will be good.Jesus Christ in the Gospel says abide in me. Sometimes we are not connected to Jesus Christ. This is the reason we feel lifeless in times of trouble. When we abide in Jesus our challenges will be light.”

Lusaka Resident Magistrate Albert Mwaba this week set aside the Warrant of Seizure of properties belonging to former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on account that it is an abuse of court process as there was a Restriction Notice which was already in place on the same properties.

But the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has insisted that it is still in control of the properties of former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo situated in Chamba Valley by way of the Restriction Notice which is in force.

In a statement released to the media, ACC said that the Restriction Notice is still in force as there has been no decision of any competent court to reverse or vary it, adding that the Commission is dissatisfied with the ruling of the Court to set aside the Warrant of Seizure as provided under the Anti-Corruption Act no. 3 of 2012 subsection 58(1).