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ECL challenged to return to active politics instead of hiding under guise of attending church

Former President Edgar Lungu arrives at Regina Pacis Catholic Church in Chawama township in Lusaka to attend the funeral service of the late Freedom fighter and former Councilor Peter Lwipa.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has issued a challenge to former President Edgar Lungu, urging him to reenter the realm of active politics instead of seeking refuge under the guise of attending church services. This call was made by Cornelius Mweetwa, the UPND National Spokesperson and Southern Province Minister, during his address in Nyawa, Kazungula district.

Mr. Mweetwa emphasized that Edgar Lungu retains the democratic right to reengage with the political landscape of Zambia. This assertion highlights the principle of inclusivity and democratic participation that forms the cornerstone of Zambia’s political system. He said in a vibrant democracy like Zambia’s, political leaders, including former presidents, have the liberty to contribute to the political discourse, share their insights, and partake in electoral processes if they so choose.

The occasion for this call was the 2023 Guta Mwenze Bbwe traditional ceremony of Chief Nyawa, which Mr. Mweetwa graced with his presence. During his address to the gathered audience, Mr. Mweetwa also took the opportunity to shed light on the government’s commitment to supporting traditional leaders throughout the nation. This support encompasses various aspects of their requirements, including the construction of palaces, provision of transportation facilities, and establishing vital linkages with agricultural support organizations.

Mr.Mweetwa said this commitment to the welfare of traditional leaders underscores the government’s acknowledgment of their vital role in maintaining social cohesion and fostering development at the grassroots level. Traditional leaders are often the custodians of cultural heritage and serve as intermediaries between their communities and government institutions, making their support and empowerment crucial for the nation’s progress.

Additionally, Chief Nyawa, in response to the government’s actions, expressed gratitude for the realization of campaign promises. These promises encompassed a range of essential services, including the provision of maternity annexes, the construction of classroom blocks, and the distribution of desks to schools. Such actions demonstrate the government’s dedication to improving the quality of education and healthcare, particularly in rural areas, which is paramount for national development.