Kazungula District Commissioner Elias Siamibila has lauded the remarkable development that has taken place in the town under the leadership of the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration.

Mr. Siamibila made these remarks during a visit to his office by Thabo Kawana, the Director of the Ministry of Information and Media. The District Commissioner expressed his satisfaction with the progress and development that Kazungula has witnessed in recent times.

In response, Mr. Kawana commended the concerted efforts of the residents of Kazungula in driving development initiatives within the district. He praised the spirit of collaboration and community engagement that has contributed to the town’s growth and prosperity.

Mr. Kawana urged other districts across the country to draw inspiration from Kazungula’s success story and work collectively towards their own development goals. He highlighted the importance of local communities actively participating in and supporting development projects.

During his visit to Kazungula, Mr. Kawana also took the opportunity to tour significant infrastructure projects in the area, including the renowned Kazungula Bridge and the One Stop Border Post. These key developments are not only of regional importance but also serve as a testament to Zambia’s commitment to advancing its transportation and trade networks.