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Classified documents from Biden’s time as VP discovered in private office

  • There’s three separate issues here. There is NO TOTAL LIST of all paperwork that a president/VP generates, so there is no way the National Archives can ascertain that they’ve got them all. You’re expecting them to do something that literally is impossible. If a document isn’t handed in it’s the president’s/VP’s fault, not the Archives.

    National Archives are public records, and classified documents aren’t public. The Archives have nothing to do with classified docs whether during the administration or after.

    The most important thing isn’t that there was an oversight, though. It is how the oversight was handled. Biden didn’t fight the Archives for two years and refuse to hand the material back once discovered and recognized. He didn’t ignore subpoenas. He didn’t have his lawyer lie in a sworn statement. He didn’t simply claim everything was his, or that he declassified it with his mind. As soon as the papers were recognized they were handed back proactively.