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Former Trump aide calls Trump’s CPAC speech ‘shameful’

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Former Trump aide calls Trump’s CPAC speech ‘shameful’ 1

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    1. a reptile doesnt feel emotions really. and certainly not shame..

  1. This guy is just another Republican who would rather watch the world burn than actually do something or give credit to the other side for trying to make things better for the American people.

    1. Things will be better for American people if you replaced that president instead.

    2. @Pepe Don Why? Are you worried that you might start to like what he’s trying to do for the American people? Is the light coming on too bright for you?

  2. Not exactly “racking up wins”. At least they’re doing something, but my hasn’t the bar been lowered these past several years.

    1. Not sure what you mean by that but Trump in office was USA rock bottom and the only way to go is up. If Trump get in again, the USA will be drilling another level of bottom.

    2. I mean. The effort has certainly been better than the Trump years that only saw a single major piece of legislation, a billionaire tax cut, and a raft of executive orders.

  3. I wish guests would answer questions…..and THEN make their points.

    1. The question on legislative wins is fair enough, but then let him give some objection about the bills backed up with facts. But she didn’t allow him to critique the bills. They didn’t show Rick Scott’s rebuttal. Then “Is that a sufficient answer?” Why invite a conservative on the show if you’re only going to ask leading questions?

      I don’t like Fox because they’re biased, and here is CNN being just as slanted.

    2. I wish the news commentator would allow her guests to answer anything.

  4. Senators are making money with all the cooperations, handing money to them to get their way. But If Americans might benefit, well that is a different story isn’t it?

    1. @Sin Sincere – that’s why republican Senators are wealthy af! Lol!

    2. Of course. Look at the sticking points. Did Sinema call for more protections or advances or future thinking? Nope. She thinks we need to not tax hedge fund managers as much. Excuse me if I don’t have that exactly right, but that’s the gyst of it basically I think. She doesn’t stick on not enough progress, only on not enough money for her donors. And it seems like they are all or at least mostly like that. I’m just using her as an example because it’s a recent story. They don’t represent the people, they represent corporate interests. If they really want to pass bills fast they should just include bribes in the bills themselves.

    3. Watch all the republicans take credit for all the bills that help Americans within the next few days!

    4. @Homer thats the stated purposed of bill. Is it supposed to work before being implemented?

  5. Regardless of which side of the aisle you vite for, i don’t believe for a second that any regular American is going to shed a tear or lose any sleep over billion dollar corporations having to pay their fair share of taxes.

  6. These aren’t executive orders. These are passing as law.

  7. Don’t believe anything coming out of the mouth of a narcissist or you will be disappointed or,become a victim

    1. @Cryst C O Trailer Park Cryst thinks a channel can be a narcissist…

    2. @Cryst C O cnn has nothing to do with this. They are reporting on what trump said. stop trying to defend trump when you hear the same stupid things we are coming out of his own mouth. ??? Makes no sense.

    3. @Cryst C O invest in a dictionary and learn the meaning of words, then maybe Trump won’t be able to take advantage of you like he has been and still is.

  8. “this money isn’t free!” yells all repubs every time our money is spent on stuff that will actually benefit us regular americans.

    1. Same in 🇬🇧 UK…people are hurting and profit levels and tax levels can’t come first.

  9. I don’t know what the hell he’s whining about he’s got one foot in the grave and the other one’s almost there and he going to have to pay a little more taxes I can see why he don’t agree it’s a win-win it’s a win for poor Americans and wealthy Americans will have to pay their share now they’re the ones who don’t pay their share and they give company CEOs millions of dollars in bonus checks while doing nothing for their employees so I don’t feel a bit bad

    1. @Kristy Campbell Oh Kristy honey… take it to Fox News.

  10. I’m baffled by the way to different sides interpret a win for the Average American. Spending & taxes, for the Republicans, is good as long as it’s on Military equipment & breaks for the corporations. It’s bad spending if it’s tax breaks, lower healthcare prices & anything that helps the average American taxpayer, who, by the way, is paying taxes already themselves. 🤔 😳 It’s insanity.

    1. @Doris Hruska Do you think that Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy didn’t line his own pockets, plus his family and friends and donor’s pockets? He went straight down MarALago and told everyone there that he just made them a whole lot wealthier.

  11. You can tell by the way trumps voice goes all high & wheedling that the things he tries to deny are true.

    1. @Geoff O’Connor The whisper is to draw their intention, create trustworthy and lure them in with a laugh you mean.

    2. Typical, no facts, CPAC atmosphere is light, but you would use ANY crap to diminish. TYPICAL!

    3. You can tell by the way Trump’s mouth is moving that he’s lying.

  12. “The American people get what they deserve”…such a sad statement.

    1. That’s why we fired Trump. Because we deserve better.

  13. David Urban has a tremendous grasp of the obvious that implementing major programs cost money..!!! It is like saying education is expensive and dismissing the cost of ignorance….!!!

    1. I mean. That do exactly that. They defund schools and then complain that schools don’t work. So at least that guy is on brand.

  14. Yes, the government has to spend frickin money to make the country prosper. The country doesn’t prosper unless the people do, but the GOP wants you to believe that the only ones who should prosper are them and their corporate donors. Real leaders, there. Real patriots.

    1. who knows how to spend your money better than you?
      apparently you trust politicians more than yourself.
      that’s sad.

    2. ​@wo lu Will you be hiring a contractor to pave your road, service the local power supply? You and the neighbors take turns as judges and DAs? Work part time at the building department?

    3. @wo lu great point, and its from our cradles too our Graves, but as I start to listening too them and the way that they criticize any political decision that will help the common people of this Country….I come to realize that we have already entered the sixths extinction phase.

  15. I’m all for having both sides on – but David Urban is a waste. He is consistently anti-Dem no matter what.
    Surely CNN can find someone a bit more nuanced.
    At least Alyssa can acknowledge the good, and provide a well-thought out counter-argument.
    Urban is a one-note talking head.

    1. @Cryst C O I don’t think brining in a partisan who is incapable of looking past their own political affiliation makes it less of an echo chamber. Someone who is capable of constructing a proper counter argument is indeed better, which is what the poster said. You just sorta heard whatever you wanted to hear.

    2. @Cryst C O Why is it that people like you can’t simply take what Pen Tool says and discuss it? Instead, you take a very valid point and then run with it to the extreme. To be honest, it’s your attitude that is a major part of the problem in the country. The ‘extremes’ on both sides are not contributing anything productive. Tone down the disingenuous rhetoric. Unless you want the country to continue stagnating and eventually fail.

  16. But when the money goes to his donors, it somehow becomes “free”

  17. Late in the game? Joe Biden’s only been in office a little over a year and a half. Late in the game???

    1. I didn’t notice DONALD TRUMP reducing the price of prescriptions, e.g. insulin.

  18. When Trump eliminated incentives for the Energy Star program I realized that I couldn’t support such blind leadership. Biden has been an upgrade

  19. Just that performance art with the jail thing should tell you that they believe what they did by January 6th was right and on their part that’s just dangerous thinking right there🤔