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‘Give me a break’: Acosta reacts to Trump’s NRA speech

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'Give me a break': Acosta reacts to Trump's NRA speech 1

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  1. Why are guns not allowed at Trump’s NRA rally? By the right-wing logic, everyone should be armed for his safety!

    1. Because they care about there safety, not your kids ,there expendable

  2. My heart aches so much for those parents that brought their children to school but didn’t get a chance to bring them home 😞

    1. @meghnac78 You sound like you are in the party of no common sense. We all have a right to comment

    2. @V V But we need good people with guns for protection.

    3. @Walker Stoneleigh That school was not protected.

    4. @Elizabeth Stanley …. It may sound a bit cynical, but I’ll bet it’s more a fear of being disinherited.

      Oh sure, they may feel their own versions of love for him, but when all is said and done, he would have no qualms about throwing any one of them under the bus.

      Well, except maybe his precious Ivanka! 😇

  3. *Here in Houston we will no longer put up with a Party that puts our children’s live in danger!!!*

  4. So the Republican response is always the same. “We need more guns.” Well, the cops had plenty of guns during the shootings and didn’t do anything.

    1. @Albyx Rourouni maybe it should be about banning guns.

    2. Yes, they Did do something. They stayed outside where it was safe.

    3. The commander of that police force who told his personnel to stand by, will forever live with that choice knowing to well children could’ve been saved, and he failed them.

  5. crying about their constitutional rights when they literally just overturned a constitutional right for half the country. why is their right more important?

    1. @AnythingGoes he thinks abortion is in the constitution apparently

    2. @AyZoidz I know, I was hoping he’d respond. 😂 They truly think abortion is a constitutional right–and they’re all thumbing him up. These people have no idea about anything. For anyone reading this: Abortion is NOT a constitutional right.

    3. @R L Name one damn area in the constitution where they mention abortion being a right. I’ll wait.

  6. “Law abiding citizens who know how to use their weapons”? Is he referring to the police department that did nothing? Or, is he refering to the people that weren’t allowed to bring their precious guns to the nra party?

    1. You can bring guns to the NRA events…. If you never been to one I guess you would have no idea tho

    2. @AyZoidz
      Guns are NOT allowed at the NRA convention this year.

  7. Wow, very impressed with Gov. John Kasich!
    He’s got real guts, standing-up to his party, and the NRA

    1. @Bill Daugherty A word you had never heard of until your PINO made it up. Learn to think for yourself.

    2. Kasich doesn’t want to be a Dem and is no longer welcome in the former GOP, now DOP(e). What is he to do, independents have NO chance in American politics.

  8. As someone who doesnt belong to either party. The GOP has over 100 midterm adds playing 24/7 promoting guns, I have yet to see a Democrat do that. So who is politicizing guns?

    1. @rosenberger13 u don’t get the same algorithms with TV. These ads are also on TV.

  9. “the existence of evil”? is he talking about himself? He sounds like Rocky reading his dummy cards again in Rocky II

  10. Why didnt he blame the governor of texas for not taking responsibility for not protecting his citizens? For making it easier than ever to buy and carry guns in his state. And also taking away millions of dollars away from people who need help with mental health issues in his state. He signed these bills and laws. The blood is on his hands.

    1. And everyone that supports him. For they are the ones that hired him. Shame on the republican party. 🤬

  11. Everytime I hear him speak, I feel like throwing up. This man is an insult to human dignity.

  12. I’ve never seen anyone so bored trying to read their “own” speech out loud to a crowd. I think its safe to say trump has never read a book, let alone this speech before he gave it.

    1. @Marsha Timbrook I didn’t know Miller was his speech writer. That guy seems unstable, at best. Makes sense, though.

    2. He didn’t even go over the list of children’s names before he read them out.

    3. And his fans *still* say he never uses a teleprompter. Seriously? They can’t see the mechanical head turning from one to the other, or hear the difference between his own ramblings and his sorry attempts to read someone else’s words?

  13. Why not create a law that bans political donations from gun related organisations?

    1. Unfortunately that can’t be done because the Supreme Court has ruled that spending money is free speech, and that companies and organizations have free speech rights. I strongly disagree with the whole ‘companies are people’ theory but as of now it’s where the law stands. 🙁

    2. Let’s also create a law that bans donations from abortion providers.

    3. Cigarette ads are forbidden. Something like that.

  14. I’m a gun owner but thinking that “law abiding citzens” with guns would make any difference is beyond stupidity. The 1 in a million chance that one of them would be there to save the day is ludicrous. And thinking citizens having a shootout with bad guys with AR’s is completely insane.

    1. @ktmeric1985 exactly…people shouldn’t be allowed that kind of fire power in the hands of civilians.
      Saying your guns will be taken away is nothing more than fear mongering.

    2. @James Mitchell hey, Rambo is actually a pretty interesting commentary on how the army is very destructive the emotional well-being physically strong young men.

    3. @Jacob Dewind Land of the free, home of the paranoid…

    4. @Wayne Hoobler The whole idea of categorizing people by gun owner versus not gun owner is unhelpful. I suppose I grew up in a house with a gun: my dad‘s old duck hunting gun. But we would be first in line to ban any kind of rapidfire or large magazine type gun. They are only designed for killing people. If anyone wants to get serious about target practice, they should take up archery or throwing knives.

    5. @Ax pure luck and fortunate for those people, but no one was there to help these children.

  15. I would like to ask these people: what is it like living in a human body, without a human mind, or a human heart, while pretending to have a human soul.

  16. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State … ”

    US needs a few rules to get this ‘militia’ well regulated. The ‘militia’ has run amok. Insanity.

    1. I’m no US historian but I believe the ‘well regulated militia’ was put in place because the young USA had no formal military back in those days, late 1700’s. By joining a district militia, you had to be ready to defend so members were given the ‘right’ to carry arms. I’m guessing the writers of the 2nd amendment had no intention for every citizen to carry a firearm. Further, they had no envision of todays automatic assault weapons. Oh, and another thing, amendment, by definition, means ‘to change’ as in legislation. May God give peace to families, friends, and classmates in Texas. Your friends in Canada pray for you all.

    2. That’s what, the 2 amendment was created for, not for average citizens walking around with guns.

  17. How dispicable and desparate he must be to jump on board with such a gathering and even at this time. Inhumane and immoral. We are doomed if these people are leading the greatest power in the world and treat their own citizen this way.

  18. Thoughts and prayers being said yet again by people who have no intention of restricting gun purchases. One has to be 21 to buy a beer, 25 to rent a car but, one can buy a military grade monster at 18. This has got to change. And, Donald Trump is devoid of sympathy, empathy and all emotions so him flipping the script to blame Brandon for something comes as no surprise. 🙄

  19. My condolences to the victim’s families and dearest friends.

    1. My condolences to America, an increasingly failed state.

  20. Whoever is able to take that man seriously or thinks he’s any kind of tough is what I fear in this world. Stupidity at its best.