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Hear the promises Stewart Rhodes made to his lawyers before Oath Keepers trial

I have to say, I’m extremely glad that Rhodes and his buddies were found guilty of several felonies (especially Rhodes and Meggs for seditious conspiracy). I also have to say that I have a bit of respect for these two lawyers (Rhodes’ lawyers). They clearly answered the questions posed to them, and they didn’t run off on weird tangents, lambast the DOJ or the Biden admin, or climb on any bizarre soap-boxes. They did their job, and they lost the case. Now they’ll appeal, as is the right of their client. But this was certainly a big, important step, and win for all of us in the United States.

One point brought up by his lawyers is that Rhodes is a Yale educated lawyer (basically he’s an “elite”), and that he has studied, and knows and understands the U.S. Constitution. That being said, planning, preparing, and attempting to violently overthrow the government, even if you “believe” you are acting under the auspices of the Constitution, is still “seditious conspiracy”. Period.