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Tory Lanez’s New Attorney Files Motion To Delay Sentencing Ahead Of Appeal

Tory Lanez’s new attorney David Kenner and the prosecution have agreed to delay the rapper’s sentencing to late February to allow him to file his appeal of the December 23 conviction.

Tory Lanez was set to be sentenced in late January, but Rolling Stone reporter Nancy Dillon reported that a decision by a judge is yet to be made.

“Sounds like there’s an agreement to postpone Tory Lanez’s sentencing a month so Kenner can file the motion for a new trial. That would push sentencing to late February. Waiting for the judge to approve this on the record,” Dillon wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Tory was not brought to court on time for his hearing. The reporter said a bailiff alleged that Lanez “refused” to get on the court transportation. His lawyer later said that the rapper had not refused to travel to court, but rather, he was held back because his wristband was “too loose.”

Meanwhile, there are reports that Kenner is seeking to fill several post-conviction motions. The hearing on Tuesday is to share in court the rapper’s plans to appeal the conviction and to get leave to appeal. Kenner, who is best known for his connection to Death Row label boss Suge Knight, has also dispelled reports that he was the one that worked on Knight’s case that resulted in a 28-year sentence.

Kenner represented Knight at his arraignment in 2015, but shortly after, Suge Knight hired another lawyer to represent him. Kenner did represent Suge in a civil trial last year filed by the family of the victim, but that case ended with a mistrial.

In the meantime, Tory Lanez is set to attend court at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, where his lawyer will apply for the motions to file his appeal. So far, there are reports that the prosecution has not opposed the motion. The Canadian rapper is facing 22 years in jail after being convicted on three felony counts for possession of a firearm and assault with a semiautomatic weapon.