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In a world dominated by an asymmetrical flow of information, knowledge, narratives of all kinds (historical, economic, cultural, etc.), it is imperative, (particularly to those who have always been at the short end of the stick) to sort out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Institutions of the power that be (TPTB), including the so-called educational institutions, must be recognized for what they really are and what they are set out to do. In late modernity the major function of establishment institutions (in each and every country) is to make sure posterity obediently follows what the incumbents and their predecessors have already put in place, irrespective of their relevance and ongoing validity!
One should not forget that it is transnational capital and its human minions that effectively run the reigning global order. The main objective of transnational capital (TI) is accumulation, at whatever cost! People and all other forms of lives (or nature in general) do not factor in when TI aggressively contemplates accumulation. Wars, etc. are there only to facilitate and serve this life-destroying deity! The prevailing establishment narratives, leveraging indoctrinating machines, like the paid media (both state and private), justify the wanton destruction TI carries on all over the world. The contradiction between those who are desperately trying to preserve life/life support system and those who are bent on destroying it is becoming stark. In all these, the sheeple urgently needs to raise its awareness to a level where it can sufficiently engage TPTB about the prevailing destructiveness of modern life. The attempt to lucidly expose the system’s ideological underpinning, which is decidedly anti-life, is considered subversive, while the unsustainable and unfulfilling consumptive existence is celebrated as earthly nirvana!
Critical thinking must be the hallmark of the newer generations, if we are to avoid the blunders of the 20th century, which saw massive destruction of life and property. Over a hundred million people have died in the various wars; WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam & South East Asia, Central America, Afghanistan, MENA, (Middle East & North Africa) etc., etc. Currently, all kinds of ‘false flags’ are flagged to prepare the gullible global sheeple for yet another epoch of wanton destruction. As accumulation becomes increasingly difficult in existing circumstances, TI will resort to other means of accumulation that could easily include the more barbaric ones of yesteryears. For the ‘killing industry’, wars are just activities that consume its products; the more the wars, the merrier! Psychopathic executives do not care if people are killed or countries are wiped out, so long as the accumulation binge continues unabated! Unless critical reflections on what happened, (at least in the last hundred years) is brought to bear on our current thinking, humanity is bound to repeat the same mistakes once again, but this time around the wars will not be so forgiving!
The west is now determined to start another cold, even hot war, against Russia and to some extent China. After the USSR was dismantled, good willing people in the world thought things will cool off, but what actually unfolded was a very sad and dangerous undertaking by TPTB. NATO started to expand in all directions towards the Russian border, with a very clear intention of containing Russia, if not more. This move (along with the unilateral withdrawal of the US from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty) has already triggered another round of arms race. This new round of arms race now includes the emerging super power-China. Unlike the early 1990s, Russia today is more than capable of defending itself, especially against the vassal states near its border. The real and dangerous issue is; what will happen if conflicts escalate to a point where the unthinkable is realistically entertained, like the potential utilization of WMD! Unfortunately, such thoughts do not seem to excessively trouble our psychopathic politicos and their masters living in the midst of the deep state. (Deep state = the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media complex). Here is a case where critical reflection is necessary, per force.
We will look at the case of Sergei Skripal, a former double agent (Russia & British) who was allegedly poisoned with toxin chemical along with his daughter. We are forced to ask the following very basic questions. 1) To start with, if Mr. Skripal was so important to the Russians why did they let him go in the first place? 2) Killing a father and a daughter (who holds a Russian passport) at one go, at the same public place, doesn’t look ‘professional’ at all, if we might say so. 3) Why use an esoteric chemical when other relatively simple means could do the job? 4) British scientists (Porton Down is a chemical research laboratory nearby Salisbury) were/are literally coerced to support the narrative of the ruling politicos, without any scientific proof. To this day, the scientists have not endorsed the politicians’ claim. 5) Request to supply sample for scientific investigation was denied by the British government. 6) The swiftly coordinated measures/sanctions executed by a collective of western states, without much desire for concrete proof, smells rather fishy, to say the least! 7) Finally; cui bono, or who benefits from all this?
This was first published in March 2018