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The International Community Must Express Ourtrage Now: Torture of Amhara must stop

The below video from Anchor Media shows the level of atrocities and savagery inflicted on Amhara Political prisoners in Ethiopia. These atrocities under the watch of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed are reminiscent of  the  torture chambers under the TPLF, this time inficted on Amhara prisoners including women by the Oromo Prospetiy Party comandeered Special Task force consisting solely Afaan Oromo speakers.

Torture includes electric shocks, clubbing, pulling finger nails, psychological torture forcing political prsioners to disclose connections and well as other forms of incpacitation in the wee hours of night at a special prison camp called Gelan. Victims include Amhara female journalists, writers and opinion makers, civil society leaders.

Anchor media confirms these atrocities based on hand written letters of appeal from prisoners. It is hard to describe the level of brutality and savagery. One female prisoner continues to bleed.

No one really knows the number of Amhara potical prisoners in Ethiopia’s torture cambers. It is in the thousands.

I urge you to send letters to Senators,Congressmen and women, academics, government officials, the UN, human rights agencies, the African Union and others urging them to express outrage.

The international community must be made to understand that in today’s Ethiopia, it is virtually impossible to defend rights peacefully.Do your part please.

Aklog Birara DR.