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Let the World Know About Ethiopian Orthodox and Why They Were Killed by ISIS and Now Being Hunted by Oromummaa

How Did Syrian Orthodox Leaders Manage to get attention and we are not. We have no leader, no strategy, and are misguided. ተናግራችሁ እታናሩኝ. Let me go to my point.

A 2017 survey by Pew Research Center identified Ethiopian Orthodox Christians as “highly religious.” We have seen Ethiopian Orthodox followers refusing to denounce their religion (ክሬን አልበጥስም ብለው) despite ISIS’s threat to cut their throats. They were slaughtered in public, choosing to die as Christians. That happened in a foreign land. Today they face the same atrocities in their own land by Oromummaa terrorists.

In today Ethiopia, Orthodox Christians are subjected to similar atrocities by the Oromummaa movement co-led by Shimelis Abdissa and Professor Asafa Jalata. Orthodox Christians are slaughtered, paraded on the streets of Oromo cities as criminals, evicted from their homes and Churches, forced to abandon their Christian names and adopt Oromo names.

We will hold Oromummaa accountable for its engagement in religious terrorism and cleansing. The Oromo government will pay compensation for every Church and Mosque they demolished and for every religious leader and follower they killed.

Here are some of the institutions that we will work with. The list will grow. Abiy will not get the international funds that he desperately needs. Two of the organizations listed below were involved in getting Obama meet with Orthodox leaders.

Judeo Christian Caucus

Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation

Christian Coalition of America

Christian Care Coalition

In Defense of Christians

Christian Solidarity International