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Owner of killer dogs faces culpable homicide charge

The police have registered a case of culpable homicide against an Oshakati businesswoman whose five dogs killed Ruben Abraham (44) on Sunday morning.

Three of the five dogs attacked another man on Monday.

In a media statement on Tuesday, inspector Pendukeni Haikali dismissed information circulating on social media alleging that the police has refused to allow the family of the late Abraham to register a case against the dog’s owner as incorrect.

“A case of assault with grievous bodily harm was registered by the state. After the police learnt that the deceased succumbed to his injuries, the charge was converted to one of culpable homicide on the same case register, and police investigations continue,” he said.

Haikali said Abraham’s family members were informed that the case docket would be forwarded to the Office of the Prosecutor General for a decision, and they would be informed of the outcome.

“The dogs were put down by the state veterinarian. The incident is regrettable and the police would like to sympathise with the family for the loss of their beloved family member,” he said.

Abraham’s sister, Ndateelela Nghipandulwa, this week said the family appreciates the government for opening a case against the businesswoman on their behalf.

“However, although we appreciate this, we have not seen anyone from the government to come and sympathise with us yet. At least the town council officials were there when the incident took place, but no one from the state yet,” she said.

According to Nghipandulwa, the dogs’ owner has not contacted the family yet.

“We obtained quotations yesterday on a few things we are planning to buy for the funeral. We are planning to bury my brother on Saturday.

“We don’t know where to find the Chinese people, so we took some quotations to the police yesterday. They were called and they only picked up the papers without contacting us,” she said.

Nghipandulwa said the family will discuss the way forward in terms of legal action after Abraham’s funeral.

“At the moment, I cannot speak on behalf of the whole family. We have to sit down and discuss it but we appreciate the state for what they are doing,” she said.

According to Abraham’s family, funeral and burial arrangements will be communicated soon.

In a media statement issued on Tuesday, the Oshakati Town Council discouraged residents from owning more than two dogs, unless they have been issued a special permit.

Oshakati spokesperson Katarina Kamari said: “All dogs should be kept within the confinements of an owner’s premises or yard, and should be leashed when in public spaces.”

She said dogs should be vaccinated and should be issued a licence by the town council.

Kamari said the council is committed to taking all the necessary steps to prevent incidents of dog attacks in the future.

She said these measures would include awareness campaigns to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and safety precautions.