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Oshakati residents urged not to have more than two dogs

Residents of Oshakati have been urged not to own more than two dogs – unless they have been issued a special permit for this.

Town council spokesperson Katarina Kamari said this in a media statement on Tuesday.

This came after five dogs brutally attacked Ruben Abraham (44) at Oshakati on Sunday.

Abraham died at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital on Sunday afternoon.

Three of the five dogs attacked another man on Monday.

This man was treated at the same hospital.

His health passport shows he was bitten in the thigh and had visible scratch marks. The dogs have since been put down.

“All dogs should be kept within the confinements of an owner’s premises or yard, and should be leashed when in public spaces,” Kamari said.

She said dogs should be vaccinated and should be issued with a dog licence by the town council.

Kamari said the council is committed to taking all the necessary steps to prevent incidents of dog attacks in the future.

According to her, these measures would include awareness campaigns to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and safety precautions.