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Luganda added into Google Translate as Runyankore and others miss out

Google has announced the addition of 24 languages – including 10 spoken in Africa – to this function. In that move Luganda that is spoken in Uganda has been added on the lucky list.

Google says that these new additions rely on novel software which does not require reference to previous examples.

Google Translate’s research scientist Isaac Caswell told the BBC that this work was part of “expanding coverage to many communities who were very much overlooked not just by Google but other technologies in general”.

“For many supported languages, even the largest languages in Africa that we have supported – say like Yoruba, Igbo, the translation is not great. It will definitely get the idea across but often it will loss much of the subtlety of the language,” Mr Caswell admitted.

Several other new African languages that were added include; Bambara – spoken in Mali, Ewe – spoken in Ghana and Togo, Krio – spoken in Sierra Leone, Lingala – spoken in large parts of central Africa including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Luganda – spoken in Uganda and Rwanda, Oromo – spoken in Ethiopia, Sepedi – spoken in South Africa and many more.

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