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The three wise monkeys ready to hammer Ethiopia

Al Mariam’s Commentaries
September 7, 2022

In Japanese folklore, there is the tale of the three wise monkeys.

Mizaru (“See Not”) covers his eyes to see no evil.

Kikazaru (“Hear Not”) covers his ears to hear no evil.

Iwazaru (“Speak Not) covers his mouth to speak no evil.

The US covers its ears not to hear about the war crimes of the TPLF – the pillage, plunder and massacres in Amhara and Afar regions, the conscription of child soldiers and deployment of child soldiers in human waves in its war against Ethiopia.

The UK covers its eyes not to see the war crimes of the TPLF –  the pillage, plunder and massacres in Amhara and Afar regions, the conscription of child soldiers and deployment of child soldiers in human waves in its war against Ethiopia.

The EU covers its mouth not to speak of the war crimes of the TPLF –  the pillage, plunder and massacres in Amhara and Afar regions, the conscription of child soldiers and deployment of child soldiers in human waves in its war against Ethiopia.

Fix is in

The three wise monkeys are scrambling in total panic to rescue their terrorist TPLF lapdogs.

The TPLF is getting a royal ass kicking at the hands of the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Amhara and Afar militia and Fano forces.

Terrorist TPLF leaders thought three is a charm and they could cakewalk into Addis Ababa in just a few days. That was almost two weeks ago.

Alas! The best laid plans of terrorist TPLF and mice.

Robert Burns penned the stanza:

The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!

No joy for terrorist TPLF, only heartache, grief and pain.

Terrorist TPLF is now singing Aretha’s song.

Save me, somebody, save me
Save me, yeah yeah
We’re crying together
Sitting here in Mekele
These tears of ours, we’re crying a river
Begging you to save me, save me
Yeah, I need somebody to save me, yeah, hey hey hey


The fix is in!

It’s hammer time!

Mike Hammer, “US Special Envoy to the Horn,” is in Addis Ababa.

Not alone.

He has brought along EU and UK diplomatic heavy artillery to back him up as he hammers down Ethiopia into submission.

Hammer tried to hammer down Ethiopia four weeks ago.

Hammer took a few selfies with the terrorist TPLF leaders and instantly crashed and burned!

How true! Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job.

Bring in the heavy hitters, the big guns.

Or is it time to “Send in the Clowns,” as Frank Sinatra, Chairman of the Board, sang it?

Let the games begin!

“Ladies and gentlemen! On the TPLF Team are the U.S., U.K. and EU.”

On the Ethiopian Team…

Ahem! Ahem!

“On the Ethiopian Team, ladies and gentlemen, are only Ethiopians.”

“Rescue me, rescue me!…”

Say what?!

Who said that?

It’s me, TPLF.

Rescue me?”

Come on and rescue me,
Come on and rescue me US, UK and EU.
Here I am stuck in the middle
Getting a royal ass kickin’
By ENDF/Amhara & Afar Militia and Fano
Come and rescue me
‘Coz I need you by my side, US, UK and EU.

Aretha Franklin! Where you at?

So, the three wise monkeys are in Addis to rescue their terrorist TPLF lapdogs from certain doom at the hands of heroic ENDF/Amhara & Afar Militia and Fano.

Just ten days ago when the terrorist TPLF was pillaging and murdering Ethiopians in Amhara and Afar regions, the three wise monkeys were silent as the grave.

Not a word condemning the TPLF invasion into Amhara and Tigray region. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil about TPLF!”

In their infinite wisdom, the three wise monkeys thought three is a charm.

On the third invasion, the three wise monkeys believed the terrorist TPLF doomsday machine will roll into Addis Ababa and establish a beachhead for them to move in their forces.

That old white colonial strategy of using local traitors (bandas) did not work for the Italians.

In 1896, the Italian colonial Army thought they could establish their New Roma using local traitors but got their asses kicked in four (4) hours.

It is not possible in 2022 to accomplish what the Italians could not using local traitors (bandas) in 1896.

Now that terrorist TPLF is getting hammered and pounded, the three wise monkeys are squealing like a stuck pig.

“Stop the fighting! Stop the fighting! Ceasefire! Peace Talks,” howl the three wise monkeys.

They are making a last-ditch effort to save their TPLF lapdogs.

Bowwow, bowwow!

The situation is quite different on the ground.

No more howling, growling, prowling or scowling for the TPLF.

TPLF troops are raising the white flag by the tens of thousands and openly declaring, “God damn the TPLF. We are Ethiopians. The TPLF is making us cannon fodder. The TPLF must be eliminated.”

TPLF today finds itself in the position of the proverbial one-legged man at an ass kicking contest.

TPLF’s third invasion was not a charm. It is a catastrophe!

So, what are the three wise monkeys riding their Trojan Horse gonna do?

Now that the three wise monkeys have landed in Addis like a wake of vultures, what are they gonna do?

The Three Magi visited Jesus after his birth bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

What gifts are the three wise monkeys hiding in the Trojan Horse they brought to Ethiopia?

Gifts of sanctions and threats of sanctions, insults to the intelligence of the Ethiopian people, bullying and arm-twisting of Ethiopian leaders?


Could they have special gifts for their terrorist lapdogs hidden in their Trojan Horse?

Proposals for safe passage for TPLF leaders to sneak out to enjoy their stolen loot in the US, UK and Europe?

Immunity from prosecution for TPLF leaders? Or no jail time if prosecuted?

Return of TPLF’s stolen loot in exchange for letting bygones be bygones?

Aid crumbs in exchange for letting the TPLF be TPLF?

The Ethiopian government has been more than reasonable.

It has accepted all of the conditions the three wise monkeys have set to end the war and secure a durable and permanent peace.

The Ethiopian government has held up its end of the bargain.

The three wise monkeys asked for “unfettered humanitarian access” to Tigray region.

The Ethiopian government granted “unfettered humanitarian access” to Tigray region.

The three wise monkeys asked the Ethiopian government not to interfere in the work of aid agencies.

The Ethiopian government said, “Go ahead. Do it your way. But beware terrorist TPLF will use humanitarian aid for war on Ethiopia.”

The TPLF did not disappoint.

It swiftly looted USAID warehouses at gunpoint in August 2021 and repeated that in Augist 2022 by hijacking World Food Program trucks carrying over 570,000 liters of fuel destined for humanitarian aid delivery.

The three wise monkeys asked for a “ceasefire” in Tigray region.

The Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew federal forces from Tigray, despite the fact that it is an insult to its sovereignty. But the Ethiopian government has and will always do what it takes to save lives and secure peace.

The three wise monkeys asked the Ethiopian government to consent to an investigation by the “International Commission of Human Rights Experts”

The Ethiopian government agreed to have the International Commission of Human Rights Experts in Ethiopia to undertake an investigation.

The three wise monkeys asked the Ethiopian government to agree to an  “inclusive dialogue.”

The Ethiopian government threw its open arms and said, “TPLF, join all of Ethiopia in an inclusive national dialogue.”

The three wise monkeys asked for restoration of electricity, telecom, banking and other basic services in Tigray.

The Ethiopian government agreed but sought iron-clad guarantees its technicians and workers will not be murdered by the terrorist TPLF as they have done before.

The three wise monkeys insisted the Ethiopian government engage in negotiations without preconditions.

The Ethiopian government officially announced, “We are ready, willing and able to negotiate. Let’s set a date certain as soon possible.”

Within days of the Ethiopian government’s announcement, the TPLF launched its third attack.

The Ethiopian government has done everything the three wise monkeys have asked but each time they have kept moving the goal post.

Oh Yes! Eritrean troops out of Ethiopia

The three wise monkeys demanded the Ethiopian government tell Eritrean troops to get out of Tigray.

That, of course, adds insult to injury.

Are there Eritrean troops in Tigray?

Where is the proof?

Where are the satellite photos of Eritrean troops in Ethiopia?

The fact of the matter is that the terrorist TPLF has been attacking Eritrea at will over the past year and nine months.

Two weeks after the terrorist TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Northern Command, the terrorist TPLF fired missiles and rockets into Eritrea hoping to internationalize the war.

At the time, Tibor Nagy, Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs tweeted:

The United States strongly condemns the TPLF’s unjustifiable attacks against Eritrea on November 14 and its efforts to internationalize the conflict in Tigray. We continue to urge immediate action to protect civilians, deescalate tensions, and restore peace.

Nagy added, “The fighting in Tigray continues, and events last weekend suggest that the TPLF seeks to internationalize the conflict.

Eritrea, as bona fide member of the United Nations, has a right to national and collective self-defense under international law and the UN Charter.

There is no double standard before the bar of international law.

Nations great and small are equal in the eyes of international law.

There is no place for terrorists under any law.

The US has proven that in its actions time and again.

It is to be recalled that the US claimed Article 51 of the UN Charter allowed it to wage war in Afghanistan in self-defense, anticipatory self-defense and pre-emptive self-defense.

Truth be told, the US twisted UN Security Council Resolution 1368 to justify its unilateral action in Afghanistan in 2001.

That resolution was not promulgated under the explicit authority of Chapter VII of the UN Charter (which sets out the UN Security Council’s powers to maintain peace) and had limited scope and authorization.

Yet, the US took military action against the Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists on a theory of self-defense, anticipatory self-defense and pre-emptive self-defense, though the latter two defenses are impermissible under the UN Charter.

When the US  assassinated Qasem Soleimani, the commander at the time of the Quds Force within the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in January 2020, it asserted an “inherent right of self-defense.”

In its Letter to the UNSC, justifying its actions, the US proclaimed:

The actions taken by the United States occurred in the context of continuing armed attacks by the Islamic Republic of Iran that have endangered international peace and security…

In accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, I wish to report, on behalf of my Government, that the United States has undertaken certain actions in the exercise of its inherent right of self-defence. These actions were in response to an escalating series of armed attacks in recent months by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran-supported militias on United States forces and interests in the Middle East region, in order to deter the Islamic Republic of Iran from conducting or supporting further attacks against the United States or United States interests, and to degrade the Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods Force-supported militias’ ability to conduct attacks. These actions include an operation on 2 January 2020 against leadership elements of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods Force on the territory of Iraq. The United States is prepared to take additional actions in the region as necessary to continue to protect United States personnel and interests. (Boldface added.)

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Or is there a double standard for countries in their response to terrorism?

In fairness, I ask:

Does Article 51 of the UN Charter apply only to big nations? Small nations like Eritrea are not entitled to the befit of Article 51?

Does Eritrea have the right to respond to an escalating series of armed attacks by the terrorist TPLF against its people and territorial integrity?

Does Eritrea have the right to prevent the terrorist TPLF from conducting or supporting further attacks on its people and territory and to degrade terrorist TPLF military capability and prevent future attacks?

Does Eritrea have the right to take additional actions in the region as necessary to continue to protect itself and the peace and security of the region against terrorist TPLF attacks?

Does Eritrea have the right to self-defense?

As a matter of international law per US theory and practice (“inherent self-defense,” “Art. 51 UN Charter self-defense,” “anticipatory self-defense,” “pre-emptive self defense”) should not Eritrea have the right to follow in the footsteps of the US and pursue the terrorist TPLF in adjacent Tigray or to the gates of hell?

What the **** do the three wise monkeys really want?

What the three wise monkeys want to do in Ethiopia is crystal clear for me.

They want to break Ethiopia’s back. Break her knees. Break the spirit of the Ethiopian people.

Above all, they want to break up Ethiopia into tribal enclaves and make her a vassal state of Egypt.

First, the three wise monkey are hellbent on restoring terrorist TPLF to power in Ethiopia either through 1) direct military victory, 2) protracted negotiation (giving TPLF time to rearm and continue the war) and 3) through incitement of rebellion in the country.

Second, the three wise monkeys want to elbow out the African Union from its role as mediator in the conflict. To accomplish this, the three wise monkeys have already started a disinformation campaign to demonize, delegitimize, demoralize, scandalize, trivialize, pressurize, criticize and anathematize the African Union and former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, the chief AU mediator in the Ethiopia conflict.

Third, the three wise monkeys want to crush Ethiopian leaders and people into submission by waging a global grey war and campaign of smear and fear to scare off investors and choke up commerce, trade and tourism from Ethiopia. It is to be remembered in December 2021, the Biden administration waged an outrageous and madding campaign to scare Americans and other expatriates to leave Ethiopia.

Fourth, the three wise monkeys want Ethiopia to give up its sovereign rights to Aba-I (“Nile”) waters to Egypt and forever renounce its right to use and develop Aba-I waters.

Fifth, the three wise monkeys want to keep Eritrea destabilized and insecure by allowing the terrorist TPLF to attack Eritrea at will.

Sixth, the three wise monkeys want to use the threat of sanctions and declaration of genocide to arm-twist the Ethiopian government into submission.

Seventh, the three wise monkeys want to play a long game against Ethiopia. They want to destroy Ethiopia by death in a thousand cuts. They have already given a preview of what they are capable of doing: 1) Cut Ethiopia out of AGOA, 2)cut off military aid (though just a few years ago, they were giving hundreds of millions of dollars of military equipment to the TPLF regime to fight Al Shabab terrorists in Somalia), 3) impose crippling economic sanctions, including preventing Ethiopia from accessing multilateral loans, denying Ethiopia access to American and Western financial institutions, and 4) seek alternative ways of creating, financing and supporting terrorist groups to destabilize the democratically elected government of Ethiopia.

Eight, the three wise monkeys want to build a moral case for HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION in Ethiopia. If Ethiopia remains defiant, the three wise monkeys will certainly declare “genocide” and without UN Security Council authorization deploy “coalition of the willing,” including Egypt and NATO elements.

Nine, the three wise monkeys want to make Ethiopia another Yemen, Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan in the Horn of Africa.

Three wise monkeys should stop their monkey business and Ethiopia should get the monkeys off its back

Ethiopia has offered an olive branch to the terrorist TPLF  time and again.

The terrorist TPLF has mocked, ridiculed and pissed on peace overtures made by the Ethiopian government.

The incontrovertible fact of the matter is this: The terrorist TPLF is not interested in Peace of any kind. Peace is not in their DNA. They are allergic to Peace.

Scripture teaches, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” (Matthew 26:51-52)

I do not doubt the terrorist TPLF leaders will perish by the sword. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Ethiopia.

What breaks my heart is the needless deaths of innocent Ethiopians because of a few terrorist thugs.

The three wise monkeys will undoubtedly continue with their monkey business, but they will never, never make a monkey out of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.