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TPLF Poses Present Threat to Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa

TPLFMany seasoned scholars on Ethiopia and larger Africa here and abroad try to postulate that the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia is restricted to Ethiopia, probably transcending as far as the Horn of Africa. However, the notorious behavior of the terrorist organization and its expansionist and extremist polices are far beyond. Its Greater Tigray illusion is evident from its aspiration of waging war against Eritrea and probably Djibouti to create a reign of terror in the Horn and Africa.

The fact that the terrorist aligns itself with any local, regional or international criminal groups that would render support to destabilize Ethiopia, surely, it will turn out to be a present danger on Africa sooner or later. If the world has experienced the horror of terrorist operatives anywhere in the world, at least the Horn of Africa region, should say enough to the brutal group before it spews its venom. If he world have collaborated on counter-terrorism, peace loving nations, would waste no time to scrutinize their position on TPLF. Mind you, TPLF militants, during its  occupation in Amhara and Afar region, killed livestock, gang-raped women in front of their children and husbands, burned churches and mosques, destroyed sacred books, massacred civilians—but cried foul through their allies in the west.  Look the paradox: the terrorist TPLF’s spokesperson once said, “we would even go to hell to destroy Ethiopia” but Debretshion Gebremichael recently said that “Tigray has turned into a hell on earth”. This propaganda has been narrated on several occasions by the chief of the World Health Organization,Tedros Adhanom.

A serious thinker could find out that terrorist TPLF’s wishful dream of destroying Ethiopia does not tally with the AU Charter in which the territorial integrity and sovereignty of each member state should be respected. Its illusion to destroy Ethiopia is no less than attempting to destroy mother Africa which African leaders have taken Ethiopia as “the mother of Africa.”

Over the last several months in which AU attempted to mediate dialogue and negotiations between Ethiopia and terrorist TPLF through African Union High Representative for the Horn of Africa, Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria,  the leadership of terrorist TPLF was in total disrespect and underestimation of the AU.

Terrorist TPLF, which has no history of taking part in real negotiations and dialogue practically rejects the cardinal values, norms and regional visions of pan Africanism and African economic integration by destroying infrastructure facilities like railway network that could have connected Djibouti to Mekele through the Awash area.

Terrorist TPLF’s first spark of destabilizing Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa kicked off on a restive night of November 3, 2020 in which it cold bloodily massacred off duty officers of the northern command, stationed in Mekele for ensuring peace and stability in the region. In its initial attempt to regionalize the attack— its expansionist provocation on Eritrea showing that it was bent on destabilizing the Horn of African and Africa at large.

TPLF’s assassins and criminal gangs of Samri, which had fled to refugee camp in Sudan, having massacred thousands of innocent daily laborers in Maikadra and Humera, are provided with logistics and ammunition support to wage war on Ethiopia along its borders with Sudan.

The recent strategy of destabilizing Ethiopia has been attempted by instigating religious conflicts. Internal and external anti-Ethiopian forces have been spreading disinformation and hatred propaganda just to escalate interfaith conflict throughout the country. This is in turn was propagated by social media campaign and cyber-attacks, trying to break off the unshakable interfaith cohesion that has existed for millennia in Ethiopia.

Here it is important to take note of what the terrorist TPLF has been doing in balkanizing various religions in the country by cutting their attachment with all the faithful in Ethiopia. This is a strategy pursued by terrorist TPLF to destroy the age old religious tolerance and time tested coexistence and friendship between the faithful in every religion.

By fomenting an artificial identity crisis among citizens in Tigray, the terrorist organization has continued to silence the Tigaray people particularly the youth.

Reports coming out from Tigray indicate that terrorist TPLF is preparing for all out war against Ethiopia and Eritrea by utilizing logistics and relief food facilities that were originally transported into the region through WFP. Moreover, the terrorist organization is again busy obstructing the relief supply route to Mekele at the borders with Afar. For terrorist TPLF, it is “after me, the deluge”. This terrorist organization is using citizens in Tigray as a cannon fodder for its desperate and nervious war against the people and Government of Ethiopia.

Since a couple of weeks, supporters of terrorist TPLF and its internal lackeys have been engaged in dissemination of false information on individual government officials and the entire leadership in an attempt to show that the leadership of the country is in disarray while in fact the government is engaged in full scale effort to ensure stability and peace in the country.

The most interesting part of this whole scenario is that a few western nations and their media companies are working hand and glove to depict that Ethiopia is at the brink of total crisis. Some honest citizens heed to their mendacious propaganda and become victims of their false stories without realizing that it is part of the total war against their own country.

African leaders and their political organizations look upon Ethiopia as a champion of promoting African unity and socio-economic development and have already taken an unswerving position in providing diplomatic and political support for Ethiopia, defying the terrorist TPLF’s policy of destabilizing Africa, particularly the Horn of Africa.