Chamber music: new play this March

During a period of forced confinement, a couple is isolated at home experiencing a new reality. Day by day, they converse, interact, fall in love, fight, break up, mourn and re-define themselves. During an effort to stay close to one another, they discover their true nature. Can they still authentically communicate?

That is the premise of an upcoming play at the Ayioi Omoloyites Cultural Centre and it sounds eerily familiar. The confinement, the ‘new reality’, the strain on relationships, the silent emotional struggle. Mousiki Domatiou (Chamber Music), as Christodoulos Andreou’s new play is called, is coming to Nicosia this March and is a moving blend of theatre and live music.

The Greek play, through the various moods of its characters, outlines the five stages of grief – denial, anger, depression, negotiation, acceptance – and projects glimpses of humanity’s struggle for communication and acceptance. The audience, being brought inside the couple’s living space, will inevitably recall their own personal experiences and reconsider their basic moral values, perhaps reaching some acceptance of their own.

The direct dialogue, tensions, sounds, melodies and silence that are brought to life by actors Panos Makris and Marina Mandri, orchestrate this Chamber Music by highlighting particular sides of two people in isolation. Completing the stage ensemble, Andreas Economides plays live music, which sometimes builds upon the tensions in the story, as an integral part of the performance.

The play was created using the ‘directing as playwriting’ methodology, led by director Christodoulos Andreou. Movement performance is the work of established kinesiologist Panayiotis Tofi. The script and musical composition are originals that came about through improvisations and interactions of the actors with the musician during rehearsals. Conceptualisation of the idea took place during the first lockdown during Spring 2020 and now Mousiki Domatiou takes flesh and bone for four performances only.

Mousiki Domatiou

Play by Christodoulos Andreou. March 6, 7, 13, 14. Ayioi Omologites Cultural Centre, Nicosia. 4.15pm. Arrive by 3.45pm. €10. Limited spectators. Tel: 95-781818

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