Further rise in covid cases and hospitalised, no deaths for 4th day

No covid deaths were reported in Cyprus for a fourth day running, but the number of new cases rose further to 283, albeit through a record 45 thousand 231 diagnostic tests of which 43 thousand 656 were antigen rapid tests.

The number of hospitalised patients also rose to 88.

Specifically, the number of deaths remained at 231, 154 men and 77 women, with an average age of 79.

104 of the new cases were recorded through contact tracing, 12 from private initiative, 6 out of public hospital tests and 161 through the rapid tests.

The number of confirmed covid cases in Cyprus now stands at 34 thousand 707.

Limassol remains problematic, with a 0,74% positivity rate and 94 of today’s cases.

Hospitalised patients in public hospitals also went up slightly to 88, with 24 in critical condition.

Thirteen are intubated, one is in ICU (not intubated) and 10 are being treated in Increased Care Units.

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