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Football news:

Deschamps screamed like a girl after my tackle. It didn't do me any good. Scholes on the disqualification to the final of the 1998/99 UEFA Champions League
Chiellini on the death of George Floyd: How can I explain to my daughters what happened? All lives matter
Never give up. Robertson on winning the 2018/19 Champions League a year after losing the final
Brendan Rodgers: Chelsea tried to acquire Coutinho when He was 14 years old
The President of Brescia on the demand for Tonali: Barcelona offered 65 million and 2 players, and the head of PSG wrote today
Don't believe promises? Think twice. Lovren on his promise to come back stronger after the 2017/18 Champions League final
Ter Stegen on Goetz: Mario would fit in perfectly in La Liga