TRNC records 37 COVID cases

The number of tests performed in the last 24 hours was 9,778. There were 37 positive cases, of which 31 were local. 17 people were discharged.

1 person came to our country by air. 5 people are contacts of previously identified cases and are being kept under observation during this period. 31 people are local cases.

15 people are from Lefkoşa, 13 people are from Girne, 2 people are from Güzelyurt, and 1 person is from the Lefke region.

Breakdown of cases by area


Near East Boulevard-4/ Yenişehir-1/ Meriç-2/ Haspolat-7/ Göçmenköy-1


Central Girne-6/ Alsancak-2/ Upper Girne-1/ Karaoğlanoğlu-1/ Dikmen-3





The general situation of Covid-19 as of 15 June 2021 is as follows:

Number of Tests Conducted Today: 9,778

Number of Positive Cases Confirmed Today: 37

Number of Cases from Abroad: 1

Number of Contact Cases That Became Positive in Quarantine: 5

Number of Local Cases: 31

Number of Patients Recovered and Discharged Today: 17

Number of Patient Deaths Today: 0

Total Number of Tests Performed: 1,340,997

Total Number of Cases: 7,622

Total Number of Patients Recovered and Discharged: 7,333

Number of Cases Receiving Treatment: 255

Number of Patients in The Pandemic Centre: 22

Number of Cases Being Followed at Pandemic Hotels: 221

Number of cases whose examinations are continuing: 10

Total Number of Patient Deaths: 34

Number of Patients in Intensive Care: 2

Latest figures based on the Stay Safe application 

Number of wristbands fitted in the last 24 hours: 295

Number of wristbands whose tracking has been ended in the last 24 hours: 366

Stay Safe general picture

Number of wristbands being tracked: 2,620

Total number of wristbands whose tracking has been ended: 11,889

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