Individuals willing to volunteer can now register with the ADDCD. Image Credit: File picture/For illustrative purpose only

Abu Dhabi: Individuals and teams of five people can now register with the Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development (ADDCD) to carry out volunteering works in Abu Dhabi, the authority announced on Wednesday.

The volunteers can register even without being affiliated with an entity or organisation. The opportunity is open for both private and public sectors.

The DCD in Abu Dhabi announced the policy to encourage voluntary work in the emirate with the aim of creating an efficient and effective volunteering environment.

This comes in order to kick-start Abu Dhabi’s volunteerism by raising awareness and encouraging participation across all layers of society so that anyone can volunteer under firm professional standards in a secure environment.

The new policy also provides the opportunity to register volunteering teams without the requirement to be affiliated with an entity or organisation.

Engineer Hamad Al Dhaheri of ADDCD said, “This policy sets the foundations that govern the voluntary environment in the emirate, while ensuring the rights and duties of all individuals, teams and entities that attract them to kick-start voluntary work within an organised framework that enhances community participation in Abu Dhabi.”

Eng Al Dhaheri said, “ADDCD is continuing its efforts to provide all residents with an enabling environment to support volunteering activities, especially specialisation-based voluntary work that needs specialised experts.”

Organised humanitarian work is much needed particularly under the current circumstances, said Sultan Al Mutawa, executive director of Community Engagement and Sports Sector.

“This comes as a confirmation of the importance of volunteering in promoting community cohesion and supporting government agencies during crises,” Al Mutawa said.

Types of permits

The policy issues three types of permits: volunteer permits for individuals; for teams of five individuals or more; and permits for legal authorities to include volunteers in their operations or programmes.

Rights and duties

The policy has reviewed a set of rights and duties for volunteers, volunteer teams, volunteer team leaders and entities that use volunteers.

Ma’an joins hands

The Authority of Social Contributions (Ma’an) is also coordinating with the ADDCD in the implementation of this policy. Ma’an will play an important role in supporting the voluntary environment by spreading the culture of volunteerism and attracting volunteering opportunities in Abu Dhabi, in addition to creating opportunities for participation and voluntary community work in coordination with concerned authorities.