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Indications are abound that we could soon be bounding across the open green spaces of Abu Dhabi parks. Here’s what we know:

Abu Dhabi parks open

Abu Dhabi parks open
words Derek Issacs 

Are the public parks across Abu Dhabi about to reopen?

It’s a question we are all asking ourselves and there are some sure fire indications that are leading us towards that conclusion.

First off, Abu City Municipality said it has now completed the development and upgrade of a whopping 51 play areas and multi-purpose playgrounds on Abu Dhabi island.

The total cost is AED19 million, but we think it’s well worth it for our children.

The Municipality said the move will help build a stronger community spirit and encourage families to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The play areas include great elements such as mini football playgrounds, multi-purpose playgrounds as well as playgrounds for kids, people of all ages, and people of determination.

There is also fitness and exercise equipment, fountains, shaded hikes, open spaces for recreational use and public squares.

The city’s parks have been closed due to COVID-19 and although it’s still unclear when the city’s  parks will reopen, posts have been appearing on Instagram showing parks across the city that have had large white circles drawn on grassy areas.

The image below is the park along Abu Dhabi Corniche, and we personally have seen the same circles drawn on the grassy areas of Dolphin Park in the north of the city.

It appears that the circles are markers that would allow park goers to enjoy the park while keeping to the current social distancing measures that are in place.

We reached out to  Umm Al Emerat Park to find out if and when they would be reopening their landscape and lush space, but we are still waiting for a response.

Nevertheless, could this be an indication that parks could be set to open soon?

Watch this space!

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