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Ghanaian man collapses after he saw the pain his wife was going through when he went with her to the labour ward for the 1st time » ™

A Ghanaian man named Kingsley Diaba Setor who went into a labour room for the first time while his wife giving birth to their first child collapsed upon sighting the unbearable pain she was going through.

He shared his experience while sending a massive shoutout to all women in the world for sustaining the human race through this sort of pain.

The young man made his post on the popular Facebook page Tell it All. He was seen lying on a hospital bed with an intravenous infusion.

Setor posted; “Ladies and gentlemen, I went to escort my wife in the labor ward to motivate her for easy delivery. I couldn’t stand the scene, I ended up fainting.. Respect to all women.💯👏”

Melisa Pearl – God should just share this responsibility amongst couples. Wife carries the pregnancy full term, husband delivers. Wo hwoa apae da a, anka y’all will respect women. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Adwoa Birago Agyemang – We delivering them is not easy so you can imagine the kind of pain pregnant women go through and the words they bring out of their mouth🤦 some would even wants to give up oo hmmm…. I always run errands for them when we are done with deliveries. Women deserves better even without having kids or do have☺️we go through a lot just to make our men happy!!! God bless us❤️

Akande Adesewa Alabi – Quick recovery man 😊. It doesn’t mean you are weak, only few men can withstand it . The kind of strength and resilience God has blessed women with is just wonderful .

Mavis Badu Brempong – This gender doesn’t have to be in the Labour room mpo for us to know that, they ain’t made for pain. Common stomach ache and they will behave like the heavens are coming down.

While a woman will be doing her work with the same stomach ache. My husband run away in the name of ‘I think I did not lock the doors. Let me go home and check.’ Surprisingly🤣🤣, he could finish locking the doors after he was called that mum and baby were fine. He came back at the speed of light.