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Government must deal with corruption – Apostle Asi

The government has been called upon to deal with corruption in the country as it is no longer a perception but real and is hurting the image of the country.

Also due to its prevalence, the situation was affecting the socio-economic lives of Ghanaians and if nothing is done about it, ‘only a few people who have the ability to pay or the opportunity to receive, can survive’.’

The Founder and General Overseer of Cooperative Fire Ministry, Apostle Godwin Lutheran Asi, who made the call, stressed the need for the government to deal decisively with this issue.

“In the past, it was more of a perception, but now, it is real though it is done covertly in most instances. Almost all the research by credible institutions has come out with reports to point to that fact.

“It is important for the government to deal decisively with this and ensure that hope is restored among the citizens,” Rev. Asi said in an interview with the Daily Graphic.


While acknowledging that it would be difficult to eradicate corruption, Rev. Asi said the level of corruption could be mitigated to ensure prosperity in the country, suggesting that stringent measures should be instituted to make it difficult for people to engage in the act.

“If you really want to fight corruption, there is something you can do to make it difficult for people to involve in the act. The government has to put in place proper measures to make it difficult for people to steal from the national coffers.

“For instance, as it is done in many places, the mode of physical payment for services must be reduced and electronic payment made and once people know that payments made could be traced, they would be cautious.

Restoring Ghana’s prosperity

Rev. Asi further called on the government, political leaders and the citizens to assume the spirit of patriotism to help bring the country out of its current difficulties.


He said in the face of the current difficulties, “solid” principles such as the fear of God, love for the nation, faithfulness to the holy books coupled with selflessness and patriotism were key to creating a sustainable future for the country.

Responsibility of the church

Apostle Asi further explained that with over 70 per cent of the population being Christians, the Church also had a responsibility to train its members to love God and their nation.

“As Christians, we are admonished to love God and country. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we must live the Golden Rule, whatever we don’t want others to do us, we must not do to Ghana,” he emphasised.

This is because in the face of the current difficulties the country faced, solid principles such as fear of God, honesty, faithfulness coupled with selflessness, love for nation and patriotism were key to creating a sustainable future for the country.

“The spirit of patriotism is clearly lost among Ghanaians presently. Almost everyone is only interested in what benefits them individually and not the collective interest. Almost has everybody has become selfish, a situation that does not augur well for the country’s future,” he said.