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Has Akufo-Addo And The NPP Lost The Fight Against Galamsey?

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President Akufo-Addo put his job on the line verbally, we bought drones, speed boats, formed inter-ministerial committee and other task forces to fight galamsey. 

And, this is how all ended after government communicators announced success and told us how cleaner and clearer our water bodies had become.The situation is worse at some places where human settlements and even people’s homes are being dug while they live there. 

Our rivers, forests and lands are hopelessly being destroyed. Chinese aren’t responsible. We all know they aren’t responsible for the destruction of our environment and the livelihoods of poor communities. 

Aisha Huang isn’t the cause. Her activities are symptoms of a disease deep down the hearts and minds of our people; our chiefs and local authorities, politicians and leaders who are supposed to save and protect our resources and properties.

We saw how seized galamsey excavators vanished and nobody was held accountable. We saw how Ekow Ewusie who was arrested for being responsible was freed when he said that he wouldn’t go down alone. 

We saw Anas Aremeyaw’s documentary of how Charles Bissue took bribes to facilitate mining operations while he was a member of the inter-ministerial committee the President formed to fight galamsey. And, all he did was resign from the committee. He continued and still is a presidential staffer. 

Yet, the President is responsible for nothing and still committed to fighting galamsey while Charles Bissue continue to be his staffer. 

Soldiers who we’ve recruited, trained and pay monthly to protect our territories and people were caught protecting foreign galamseyers to destroy our environment and future. We saw the operations that caught them on TV. Yet, nothing has happened to them that we know of. 

Former NPP General Secretary’s John Boadu’s driver was caught with his workers in galamsey fields. He gave the security people who caught them GHC40,000 for water and food as the operations leader narrated before TV camera. After eating GHC40,000 worth of food, they fell asleep. Otherwise, what did they do to him and those they caught?

In the name of fighting galamsey and promoting community mining, politicians and their greedy cronies pushed the poor villagers whose livelihoods galamseyers destroyed away and took over the galamsey operations completely to deplete natural resources and destroy the land.

How much gold was seized in the entire anti- galamsey operations from 2017 to 2022? Who is in charge of that? And, where is the gold seized? This galamsey fight rather seems to enrich some people.

It wasted so much resources even as the problem grew worse. And, it’s all because it seems Akufo-Addo does things with words and speeches than with commitment backed deliberate results oriented actions. 

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