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Seven Things Women Wear That Most Men Hate

There are so many fashion trends that women love to wear that men hate to look at. Here are some women’s fashion/wear that women probably do not know most men hate.

Wearing hairs in armpit and private part. Men find women with hairy armpit and private part disgusting. She didn’t shave her armpit/private part, means she doesn’t care about cleanliness. Bad hygiene. men don’t like women’s hairy hairy armpit/private part.

Waist/leg beads. Although, some women started using it to keep fit, but Most guys think girls want to use them or steal their destiny. some believe it’s fetish and are quick to characterize, amongst the spiritual parlance. Guys basically think ladies with waist beads are from the marine world. Most guys believe that led chain have ties to witchcraft, marine spirits, witches, so they try their best to stay away from ladies who wear it. Girls with leg chain reminds guys of slave trade.

Nose Ring. Guys typically don’t mind certain piercings on a woman, but they can’t help be distracted by a woman’s nose ring.There’s just something about a nose-ring on a woman (the big round one in a single nostril) that’s a turn off.

Eye Lashes. Too much eye make-up and long eye lashes looks so stupid. It looks like you’re trying too hard and can actually just look frightening like you’re going bite someone. Do you ladies can really see with those eyes?

Tattoo. Tattoo are symbols of nonconformity, rebelliousness, or gang activity. Tattooed Girls Party Harder. they club and are sex addict. Men don’t enjoy this kind of behaviour. it’s irritating to them.

Too much makeup. Wearing excessive amounts of makeup isn’t good for anyone. Men especially dislike it. A lot of them feel women are being ‘fake’ when they’re hiding their face with all those chemicals.

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