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“What My Husband Did On Our Wedding Night That Made Me Regret Marrying Him, It Was painful” – Susan

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Susan shared her story about how she married her husband because of money, and up till date she regrets marrying him. It’s her worst life mistake. Susan said she met her husband while still in school. He was working for a big in the city, and they were members of the same church. Neither of them had any religious affiliation, but Susan was a young pastor.

He proposed to her after dating her for several months. She was ecstatic and the two of them began planning their marriage. Preparation went well for the first couple of weeks, but as time went on, her financial situation shifted.

He stopped paying attention to her and seemed unconcerned about the details of the wedding. She was psychologically exhausted from coordinating the wedding on her own. Her fiance made no financial contribution toward the wedding, so she had to spend every last penny of her funds.

It was the day of her wedding, and she woke up and readied herself, but her spouse hadn’t made it to the church. It took a long time for him to show up, and he was intoxicated when he did.

Susan cried the entire way to the church for her wedding because she was so nervous. They exchanged vows as soon as they got there, making it official. They stayed in a motel room because it was becoming late.

During the course of the evening, she asserted, he did not make any physical contact with her and was completely absorbed in his phone. When he went to sleep, she snatched his phone from his hand. She discovered a slew of text messages between her husband and a variety of women when they were staying at the same hotel room together.

He talked about how he regretted marrying some of the women who shared sexual films and photos of themselves with him. As a result, Sje was devastated and regretted marrying on that particular day. They never took a honeymoon after that fateful night.

That night was supposed to be our honeymoon, so my husband decided we should return home the next morning. Susan commented. He disregarded her when she questioned him about the texts, and he never provided her with an answer. The next day, they returned home and began living together. Susan, on the other hand, made up her mind and left him a few months later.

Previously, she had urged women to take their time before they get engaged. She still regrets marrying her spouse, believing it was the worst mistake she ever made.

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