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Guyana will not be recolonised (part 2)

Dear Editor,
It is pretty clear that the Opposition does not want the PPP/C Government to succeed, and by extension, they do not want this country called Guyana to succeed also. So, they have embarked on an obstructionist strategy to bring all major projects to a standstill. The scope and extent of their diabolical plan is to have a total shutdown on all projects this present Government has embarked upon. To this end, the blockage of the gas-to-shore project becomes one of their prime targets, earmarked for a total shutdown.
So, in order to frustrate the present Administration, The Opposition has embarked on the obstructionist road by bringing on a bunch of what I call, soothsayer groups and organisations to chant their cry of doom in the gas-to-shore project. They have all these hypotheses as to why this project should not be implemented. Their doomsday mantras are published in the dailies that are sympathetic to their cause, hoping somehow somewhere to get a receptive audience. Some have been so bold as to take their so-called case to the courts hoping to get redress, however, thankfully none of these have gained the required traction.
So far, the stark reality of a vindictive Opposition is that they are stuck in time with their backward ideology no one is really taking them seriously. They have been so blinded by vindictiveness and spite that they have forgotten to highlight the sure benefits of the gas-to-shore energy project. In the first place, the gas-to-shore project is of major importance to this country, and rather than obstruct its implementation the Opposition should enhance it.
The natural gas plant would bring untold relief to the energy sector as this newest form of energy generation would bring a massive transformation in the development trajectory of our country. There would be cheaper energy to fuel manufacturing, commerce, and industry among others. It means that our domestic energy consumption bill would be greatly reduced. Power for students to run their computers and much of a modernised home study. In short, every single area of our economy would be positively affected as we go on the development road. Cheaper and reliable power would be the shot in the arm to remedy our present ills. This is something that all progressive thinkers embrace. We will not be daunted by the naysayer groups and their doomsday formulas.
The PPP/C Government is moving apace with all developmental projects in this country, and the majority of us are supporters of these initiatives. It, therefore, means that the Opposition with its obstructionist policies cannot stem the tide of that progress. The momentum of progress is too great for us to turn back now.

Neil Adams