Dear Editor,
President Dr Irfaan on Tuesday last announced a $150,000 cash grant to the fisherfolk across the country. This news is commendable.
The PPP/C Government has done good for the Guyanese people. We are thankful. Accompanying President Ali on Tuesday last, was the Minister of Agriculture Mr Zulfikar Mustapha who assured the fishers that our Government is continuously exploring areas to assist all sections of the population. This was welcome news because as a Guyanese, I also stand to benefit from other timely Government initiatives that seek to cushion the effects of the still present COVID-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war.
This announcement is also a fulfilment of a promise made by President Ali last year during a meeting with the fisherfolk in Berbice. Whilst at that meeting, the Minister of Agriculture stated that the “PPPC Administration will never allow the sector to perish” and assured all those systems will be put in place to ensure fishers can be able to maintain their families.
The PPPC Government has kept its promises to the people. They have already removed the taxes that burdened many sectors. The Value-Added Tax that was placed on fishing materials and agricultural machinery is no more, much to the benefit of Guyanese.
I would like to thank President Dr Ali and the Minister of Agriculture the Honourable Zulfikar Mustapha for their thoughtful and timely intervention and for keeping their promises.

Alvin Hamilton