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3 creative ways to use (used) coffee grounds Loop Jamaica

Ah, coffee… one of the most popular beverages consumed globally when people wake up in the morning or as a quick pick-me-up during the day.

Some people love the taste, some love the smell and, well, some prefer to stay away from caffeine. What we are looking at is more than just the coffee that ends up in your cup after brewing, but the used coffee grounds.

Whether you like coffee or not, you’d be surprised to know there are other uses for those used coffee grounds around your home.

Here are three creative ways to put those used coffee grounds to use:

Clean pots and pans

If you like using natural products, used coffee beans can be used as a gentle cleaning scrub for pots and pans. According to healthline.com, the texture of the coffee grounds is ideal for scrubbing and removing caked-on food.

To repel mosquitoes

Burning coffee grounds in a bowl for insects. ( Photo credit: iStock)

Looking for an alternative way to keep pests and insects at bay when outdoors, coffee grounds have a compound which bugs do not like.

Simply keep some used coffee grounds in a bowl or scatter it outside around your seating area to keep those mosquitoes away.

Garden fertiliser

Coffee grounds are an effective fertiliser as they contain essential nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium for growing plants. Just sprinkle a thin layer of coffee grounds on the soil around your plants and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Have you ever tried used coffee grounds around your home? Let us know what else you use it for.