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Former MP believes term limits for Prime Minister should have flexibility for extension in certain circumstances

Reverend Ronald Thwaites, Former MP for Kingston Central, believes any introduction of term limits for prime ministers and MPs should be accompanied by a provision that will allow for an extension in special circumstances.  

His comment follows the findings of the latest RJRGleaner/Don Anderson poll, revealing that 77.1 per cent of respondents believe that the number of times a person running the country is allowed to seek re-election should be capped.

A further breakdown of the results shows that 54.6 per cent of those interested in term limits want the prime minister to serve no more than two terms while 25.8 per cent would allow a third term.

Mr. Thwaites, who was a guest Friday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106FM, believes that a two-term limit for a Prime Minister is reasonable.

He also believes Members of Parliament should serve a maximum of three terms.

Of those who called for term limits for MPs, 48.2 per cent said they should serve for no more than two terms and 30.2 per cent said three terms were sufficient.

One term for MPs was supported by 9.5 per cent of those polled, while 9.2 per cent said they would allow the legislator to serve more than three terms.