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ATM stolen from Westmoreland service station found

By Prince Moore 

The Automated Teller Machine that was stolen from a service station in Darliston, Westmoreland this morning has been located.

The machine was found this afternoon on the Great House property in Darliston.

The thieves breached the machine and stole an estimated $8 million that had been inside.

The Westmoreland Police and detectives attached to the Area One Police Headquarters are searching for the group of thieves who stole the machine.

The police say about 2 o'clock, four men dressed in dark clothing entered Jermaine's Service Station and stole the ATM.

The men also stole a quantity of cigarettes and assorted liquor.

It was also reported that the ATM was replenished hours before the service station was closed Wednesday.

According to the operator of the service station, the men were observed on surveillance camera and calls were made to the Darliston Police.

But the operator said despite notifying the police while the robbery was in progress, officers failed to respond.