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Be With a Scammer, Face the Consequences

Two days after Pablo Don Music died in 2020, his girlfriend, Meachie, lost her life around 10:45pm on Thursday, Her body was discovered in the back of a car, similar to her boyfriend’s. On that day, four other people got shot, but three died. Interestingly, all events were linked and were all tied to scamming. Only two men were the target, but in operations like these, the killer is not going to spare the life of the outsider. S/he will simply do what he needs to to get the job done. Some would argue that it is sad as they died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, if you keep this kind of company around you, you will always be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is understandable why some people take this route to make a living. However, if you keep this kind of company, it is up to you to remember that these are dangerous games, and you will become a character in their story if you make yourself so. For this reason, people often stay away from community parties, because those are the main places that get shot up.

The deaths were:

Pablo Don on Tuesday,

Meachie on Thursday,

Then the triple murder later on the same Thursday.

One of which could have escaped it had he not been around, and one who got shot for the same reason, but survived. This is why you should work hard to protect yourselves. If you are not in the same dealings as they are, be mindful that anything can happen at any time. This is not a game where you are given a lucky chance when you are caught in the crossfire.

Funnily enough, all people were possible friends, or at the very least, associates, at one point. None of them are strangers. This is just how the scamming game is played. And the most ironic part of it all is… they all died in a Bimmer.

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