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Body Identified in 2022 after 40 Years

After 40 years of confusion, pain, and yearning for an answer, a sister can finally sleep after human remains were found at a home of a notorious serial killer. The young girl vanished in 1980.

The remains were discovered at the family home of convicted serial killer Billy Mansfield Jr. This discovery happened only because his brother, Gary Mansfield, tipped Florida police off after a drug bust in October 2020.

The remains belong to Theresa Caroline Fillingim, 17-year-old who disappeared from Tampa in 1980.

Margaret, who was probably conflicted between letting go, and hoping to see her sister again in a surreal turn of events, stated that a cold case detective reached out to her in July 2021, claiming that they were searching for someone who “may have lost a sister”. They visited Margaret in Cape Coral where they collected a DNA sample. The DNA sample later came back positive.

Two other skeletons found at the home which have been identified are that of Graham and Ziegler. Another partial skeleton was found but has still not been identified.

The tortures that took place at the house in Spring Hill were described by neighbours as the “House of Horrors”.

At the time of Mansfield’s arrest in 1982, his father, Mansfield Sr., was serving time in prison for sexually abusing dozens of young children, including a nine-month-old.

Margaret’s mother, father and sister all died without knowing what happened to Theresa.

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