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Macka Diamond considers deleting videos from OnlyFans Loop Jamaica

Entertainer Macka Diamond is contemplating deleting the videos from her OnlyFans account, as yet another of her clips has surfaced outside of the subscription-based platform.

The dancehall artiste, who is seen partially exposed in the video, is convinced the videos are being “leaked” to “slow down” her career.

“This video is almost two years old. I think someone is trying to leak these videos strategically to slow down my career,” the ‘Dye Dye’ artiste said on Wednesday.

“I am going to go on my OnlyFans account and delete off all the videos. I don’t know who is leaking these videos,” a seemingly upset Macka Diamond said.

In June, racy videos from the 51-year-old, which were allegedly leaked from her OnlyFans page, began making the rounds on WhatsApp, but she largely remained mum on the issue.

Macka Diamond, whose real name is Charmaine Munroe,reportedly joined OnlyFans in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic to earn, since very little was happening in the etertainment industry at the time.

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Now with another video surfacing, the veteran artiste wants to know why someone would do this to her.

“Why you’re doing this? Oonu don’t want me get a husband or a man for mi self?” Macka Diamond lamented.

Entertainer Trophy Sniper, who is a selector, had this to say on the video: “All mi know is that Macka look good fi her age, so mi just fling up mi song with her video on mi IG page. The people dem ah work with it.”