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Transport operators plan second strike

By Racquel Porter 

For the second time in less than a month, commuters will be left stranded following a decision last night by taxi operators to shut down the transportation sector until they receive word from the Transport Ministry regarding a payment plan for outstanding tickets.

Ian Lynch, a member of the One Voice Taxi Association, told Radio Jamaica News that the decision followed a meeting of various public transport operators.

Transport operators were advised earlier this week to pay their outstanding traffic tickets as they await the government's response to their call for a payment plan.

Transport Minister Audley Shaw was expected to take the matter to Cabinet for discussion and a decision on the way forward.

The operators say no further word has been forthcoming from the government, since it said it would not be granting a ticket amnesty at this time.

Mr. Lynch told Radio Jamaica News that operators are not prepared to work based on their uncertain status.

"Starting from 4:00 a.m., we want to withdraw our service - taxi, bus and operators right across the island," he warned.

"We are withdrawing our service because we are losing our licence. [It's not that] you have warrant and they going to take you to the courthouse and you can pay it and gone. The judge taking away licence. Drivers losing them licence, them livelihood," he complained.