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Why Instagram’s new option could cost you some likes

While they don’t break any community rules, some posts are considered ‘sensitive’ by Instagram. © Instagram

PARIS: Instagram has announced the introduction of a new setting to control the amount of sensitive content visible on your account.

Intended to improve the well-being of users, the tool allows you to choose between three options to access more or less content considered sensitive: “Standard” is the default to view certain accounts and sensitive content, “More” to see more and “Less” which reduces the amount of sensitive content.

Note that for users under 18, the “More” option will not be available.

While the social network already made it possible to manage sensitive content in the “Explore” tab, the filter is now extended to all other tabs of the platform – Explore, Search and Reels – and will even affect the suggestions of accounts, recommendations appearing in the news feed and hashtags.

A change that could have a ùajor impact on your news feed. “This update will be available to everyone in the coming weeks,” said Instagram.

To change this setting, simply go to the settings accessible from your profile, click on “Account” and then “Sensitive Content Control.”

Moving towards increased censorship?

The issue of well-being on social networks is at the heart of the latest platform developments for greater safety, more moderation and less online vitriol.

It’s an issue that has gained momentum as the pandemic has increased the amount of time spent in front of screens even for the youngest users.

While Instagram has already launched features to ensure the safety of young users, this new option may have a flaw – reducing the visibility of some accounts with content considered “sensitive, “which could lead to a decrease in engagement and therefore “likes” for these creators.

Many users have already complained about Instagram’s policy, accusing the platform of turning “normal” content into “sensitive” content for no apparent reason, even leading to its removal.

Photos of people wearing sheer clothing, for example, are considered sensitive content.

For Instagram, sensitive content is defined through several criteria, according to the social network’s Meta blog: it may depict violence; be sexually explicit or suggestive; promote “the use of certain regulated products, such as tobacco or vaping products, adult products and services, or pharmaceutical drugs.”

Instagram emphasises that it removes graphically violent and explicit content, content with nudity or sexual acts, posts attempting to sell or trade regulated products.