DOH New Allowance System “Unacceptable”, Says Health Workers

DOH New Allowance System Sparks Anger From Health Workers Union

DOH NEW ALLOWANCE SYSTEM – The Department of Health proposed a new allowance system that was deemed “unacceptable”.

Instead of receiving Special Risk Allowance (SRA), active hazard duty pay (ADHP), and meal, accommodation, and transportation (MAT), health workers will receive a fixed amount. Furthermore, this amount would be based on their risk exposure to COVID-19.

According to an article from Inquirer, the classifications are the following:

DOH New Allowance System "Unacceptable", Says Health Workers

However, Robert Mendoza, the President of the Alliance of Health Workers (AHW), said the new proposal is “discriminating”. As per the article, he stated:

In the DOH’s proposal, only one type of benefit will be provided to health workers. And it will be given in different categories, different amounts, and worse not all health workers will be given the said benefits

Moreover, the AHW also believes that the classification of risk for health workers was divisive and unacceptable. He explained that the virus can still infect anyone, especially in health facilities.

Our data showed many health workers assigned in non-COVID areas are getting infected due to lack of protection. So everyone in the vicinity of the hospital and health facility are all considered high risk to COVID-19.

With this, he argues that all health workers should receive equal COVID-19 hazard pay benefits. Additionally, he said that the DOH divided, deprived, and lowered the dignity of health workers with their new allowance scheme.

As such, the AHW demanded the monthly fixed SRA of P5,000 for all health workers. Along with this, the AHDP of 3,000 should also be retained along with a monthly MAT allowance of P38,000.

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