GO GLOW GROW FOODS – Their Functions for the Body & Examples

Functions & Examples of the Go, Glow, Grow Foods

GO GLOW GROW FOODS – Here are the functions and the examples under the go, glow, and grow food.

One of the topics taught in the elementary level is about the food that we should partake to keep our bodies healthy. It is an initial step in teaching kids to value their eating lifestyle.

If a kid eats healthy food, he or she has a strong immunity against diseases. Thus the parents and the students are really encouraged to take a careful consideration of the so-called go, glow, and grow food.

In this article, we will talk about the go, glow, and grow foods and as well as their functions and examples. Hopefully, this can help you achieve a healthy body.

Go Food

The examples under the go food includes pasta, rice, cheese, butter, and bread. All these are good sources of carbohydrates.

Go Food
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Glow Food

Fruits and vegetables are under the glow food.

Glow Food
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Grow Food

The food that helps the body grow tall and strong are the grow food. They are rich in protein thus they can really do well in building muscles. Examples of the food under this are meat, peanuts, chicken, and beans.

Grow Food
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