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Keifer Sanchez, Froilan Canlas now with MAK Entertainment


They made a name for themselves via ABS-CBN.

Now they are about to go global with MAK Entertainment Services (MAKES).

Filipino singers Keifer Sanchez and Froilan Canlas have signed up with the US based artist management and concert production company at H Café in Quezon City recently.

Keifer Sanchez

Keifer and Froilan will join fellow artist Kaela Francheska in the MAKES family.

Note that MAK Entertainment Services, headed and owned by power couple Ferdie Mak and Debbie Mak, co-produced the digital concert “Sheryn Regis: Love United.”

To recap, Keifer carved a niche in the world of entertainment as part of the trio con brio TNT Boys. Hailed as the Ballad Dearest Barker, the 16-year old Sagittarian loves to sing R&B and dramatic and romantic ballads.

He won first place in “Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids,” and Grand Champion as part of TNT Boys in “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids.”

Froilan Canlas

His two memorable TV moments include the interpretation of his 2nd Place Winning Song: Shine by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid as well as his time in the international singing competition “World’s Best,” where he and the rest of TNT Boys delighted and wowed the global audiences with their renditions of “Listen,” “And I Am Telling You,” and “Flashlight.”

He shares: “Now that I am 16, my voice is still adjusting. Before this current stage that I’m in, I could whistle and hit high notes with ease. Now, due to puberty, I am in the process of discovering my new strengths as a singer. I believe that I am a good story teller when I sing. I know that with the guidance, love, and support from my MAKES family, I am sure I have more to offer as a a singer and performer.”

As to what sets him apart from other performers: “My experience being able to perform for a global audience. Being invited to sing in multiple international shows like ‘The World’s Best’ and ‘Little Big Shots’ and being able to tour around the world has given him a tremendous boost in confidence and also appreciation for a wider audience.”

Keifer is hoping to start writing his own songs soon.

“I’m in the stages of discovering and learning more about the song writing process. So hopefully soon, I will be able to come out with a song that I composed myself,” he said.

Meanwhile, Froilan, is considered by many as one of the better contenders of the maiden season of “Tawag Ng Tanghalan.”

Froilan’s 3rd place victory during the first season of the contest is no small feat for he and the rest of those who made it to the finals.

Froilan gives credit to his life experiences and his curiosity which led him to his appreciation of music and the learning of different types of music such as traditional/world music, classical music, choral music and genres like pop music, jazz, rhythm and blues, soul and alternative music.

His knowledge in music and the vocal techniques that he has learned throughout the years, has given him confidence as a singer, especially in terms of interpreting and giving the emotional honesty needed by a song.

Froilan is also into song writing.

He related: “I have stories to tell to people through my music and these stories would be put to waste if they were never told.”

MAK Entertainment Services says that the company signed these two world class artists because of their “unique abilities to keep their listeners glued in”.

“When people hear them sing, they instantly recognize a great artist in them. It’s because they know how to interpret these songs that they are singing. They sing with passion, with care, and with the intent of expressing the true emotions that the original creator of the song was meant to express.”