Seals Tow Children On Boat, Ropes Tired Around Neck

Seals Tow Children For Boat Ride With Necks Tied With Rope

SEALS TOW CHILDREN ON BOAT – Recently, a video surfaced showing seals tied with rope tied around their neck as they towed a boat with children aboard.

Marine theme parks hold a lot of attractions with a large majority being trained seals. These animals are generally friendly and easy to train which is why t hey have become so popular.

Meanwhile, in Mont Mosan park, seals were filmed towing a boat with children riding inside. As they resurfaced from the water, you could see ropes tied around their necks that pulls three children through the water.

Seals Tow Children On Boat, Ropes Tired Around Neck
Image from: C’est assez

Furthermore, animal rights activist claimed that the animals only perform this act to receive fish as a reward. The following video was uploaded by Aaron Copetter, a member of the animal rights group C’est assez (That’s Enough) on Facebook.

In his Facebook post, Copetter wrote:

I find it horrible what we are still doing to animals in 2020. All to entertain people and for money.

Even if the owner of the park says he does not abuse or lock up the animals, or force them to do shows, it is still a form of abuse.

However, Christine Grandjean, the founder of ‘C’est assez’, urged the public not to harass the owner of the park. according to reports from the Daily Mail, she said:

We don’t think he is intentionally harming the animals. Even though we have received reports that the park is insalubrious.

We understand that the seals do it voluntarily, slipping into the rope lasso and pulling the boat around.

But they wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for the fish they are given as a reward. These are animals that belong in the wild. They should not be used as entertainment by people.

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