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Imran Khan criticises Pak-American visiting Israel reveals his 'double standards'

Islamabad [Pakistan], June 11 (ANI): Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan has criticised the Pakistani American's visit to Israel in a desperate reaction as he linked the visit to the alleged American conspiracy to throw out his government.

Leader of the Pakistan-American interfaith, which visited Israel, Naila Ali however, replied to ousted prime minister Imran Khan's criticism of the Israel visit by saying: "stop using Muslim women peacemakers to yield your lost power", as she asked Imran to stop maligning women, reported Islam Khabar.

A delegation of 15 Pakistani Americans visited Israel recently and shook Pakistan where the people are taught from their childhood that Israel is the No.1 enemy of Islam, Islam Khabar reported.

In fact, Pakistan, which claims it to be the citadel of Islam, does not have diplomatic relations with Israel and does not allow its citizens to visit Israel or play games with it. That is the reason why there is so much hue and cry over the Israel visit of Pakistani Americans.

Many educated adults are unsure of Pakistan's Israeli policy. Even the country's military dictators Gen Ziaul Haq (1977-88) and Gen Pervez Musharraf (1999-2007) had soft corners for Israel but were afraid of those who could launch a campaign against them if they signalled recognition of Israel, Islam Khabar reported.

Moreover, the 2020 accord which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain signed with Israel was named Abraham Accord to emphasise the commonality of the fatherhood of Jews and Muslims.

Another interesting aspect of the Israelis' presence in Pakistan was the jamaat-i-Islami, the Chief of which called Gen Zia his nephew, was in the Zia government at that time. The party did not raise its eyebrows at the Israeli presence for fear of being thrown out of the government. But outside the government, it made Israel bash its Islamic duty, Islam Khabar stated.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has married a Jew wife and received millions of Pounds from his Jew father-in-law to build up his party and fight elections and has also been called a Jewish agent in Pakistan by Jamiat-ul-Ulema-i-Islam, Islam Khabar reported.

Moreover, he has not been able to rebut Jamiat's charge but on the contrary, he has taken an anti-Jew stand by criticising Pakistani Americans' visit to Israel and their meeting with its President Isaac Herzog.

This is one of Imran's desperate reactions to Pakistani Americans' visit to Israel.

Earlier, a Pakistani anchor Ahmed Quraishi's visit to Israel gave rise to a political uproar for Pakistan as the Israeli bone has been a difficult one to digest for the nation. Several Muslim majority countries, including Pakistan, had kept away from Israel on the issue of Palestine. (ANI)