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Belgium To Review Refugee Status Of A Pro-Taliban YouTuber

Authorities in Belgium requested a reassessment of an Afghan refugee’s status who supports the Taliban.

Belgium’s Deputy Minister of Immigration, Nicole de Maure, called for a review of the refugee case of Jamil Qaderi, a pro-Taliban YouTuber. 

In addition, George Delman, a representative of Belgium’s parliament, also said that Jamil Qaderi was promoting a regime that he claimed to have escaped from.

According to the RTL News outlet, Ms De Moore said, “The Asylum process is to protect people from war, torture and abuse, not those who promote violence.”

YouTuber Jamil Qadri, an Afghan, supports the Taliban leadership in his videos. Jamil Qadri has lived in Belgium since 2010 and has been granted asylum in Belgium for the last two years. 

Qaderi argues that the Taliban rule is good for the people of Afghanistan because security has been provided and there has been less violence.

Meanwhile, he has also mentioned in a video that he hopes to one day conquer Frankfurt (Europe) with the Mujahideen, and there, he pledged his allegiance to the Taliban Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada.

This Taliban YouTuber, named Jamil Qaderi, who is now to be tried in Belgium for supporting terrorism and violence (murder) against Taliban opponents, says in this video to his Taliban supporters that he hopes to one day conquer Frankfurt (Europe) with the Mujahideen, and there,…

— Natiq Malikzada (@natiqmalikzada) June 13, 2023

Belgian government officials’ remarks came after eight thousand people pleaded with Jamil Qaderi’s deportation from Belgium in an online petition.

The signatories have accused Jamil Qaderi of publicly supporting a “terrorist group.” They also said that he deserved to live under the control of the current regime rather than live in Europe.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they have banned Afghan women and girls from school, university and working with domestic and international aid organizations.

The group was also accused of violating human rights, women’s rights, and discrimination against religions and ethnic in the country. Despite the international community’s call on the Taliban to form an inclusive government to respect the human rights and the rights of other ethnic groups and religions, they failed to form a representative government.